Winter Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

By Sara Crampton

Winter Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

We’re big fans of capsule wardrobes, where you curate an edit of clothes that can all be worn and styled back together. It’s an approach we like to keep in mind when building and shopping for the whole of our wardrobe, but it also works really well for specific sections within your wardrobe, like building a workwear capsule, and in this case your maternity style with a dedicated pregnancy capsule.

The main benefit for creating a pregnancy capsule is knowing that you’ll fit into all the pieces within that capsule, overcoming one of the biggest hurdles when dressing for a growing bump. The capsule might get smaller as the due date approaches, as less and less pieces begin to fit, but for the most part it will alleviate one less thing to overcome.

Dressing for a bump can throw your personal style into a bit of a spin, your usual outfit combinations and styling go-tos are different and you need to create a handful of new looks to ease that decision making process.

Thankfully, apart from a couple of maternity specific pieces, like jeans or leggings, the rest of your capsule can be made up of pieces within your regular wardrobe that you can wear after pregnancy and into future seasons. We are always focused on the long term investments, and avoiding purchases for specific occasions that you’ll never wear again, and our pregnancy capsule is much the same.

Here are our five winter maternity essentials to help build out your capsule wardrobe.


Knit dresses

Knit dresses are perfect for winter pregnancy style. We particularly look for styles that hug all around the bump for a close fit silhouette. They are perfectly worn on their own, but also act as ideal base layers to style.


Knit Dresses


Pictured: Beck Wadworth wearing Anna Quan Jaqueline knit dress


Elastic waist pants

Dresses are great, but there are times when you just want to wear pants. Having at least one elastic waist pant option to help build an outfit is going to serve you well. They’re also ideal for the fourth trimester.


Elastic Waist Pants


Pictured: Beck Wadworth wearing Bondi Born Tobago black linen pants


Matching Sets

Matching sets are perfect for feeling put together without having to think too hard, but also for adding versatility to your capsule edit as they can be worn back with other separates.

Matching Sets


Pictured: Beck Wadworth wearing Anna Quan Mia top and Cleo skirt 


Longer length tops

You’ll soon find your regular t-shirts turn into crop tops under the growing bump, so an oversized or longer style is going to become your new go-to.


Longer length tops


Pictured: Beck Wadworth wearing Anna Quan Mia top and Bondi Born Tobago pants



With your new curves and opting for more comfortable fits, you might find a tailored jacket, coat or trench will help elevate a more relaxed look. 


Relaxed outerwear

Pictured: Beck Wadworth wearing Matteau Relaxed Tailored Blazer, Deiji Studio Leisure Tee, Bondi Born Tobago Pants


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