The Workwear Capsule Wardrobe

By Sara Crampton

The Undone Capsule Work Wardrobe

Our working wardrobe might have taken a bit of a shift these last couple of years, but if you’re heading back into the office and need a little refresher on how to get the most out of your clothes, we’re taking you through the key items to tick off your essential work wardrobe checklist.

Building a capsule wardrobe dedicated specifically for your 9-5 is a great way to ensure when you’re getting dressed for the day you can effortlessly and easily create a look that makes you feel your best, so you can ultimately give your best.

Your work wardrobe will be getting a workout, they’re the pieces that you’ll be wearing day-in, day-out so you’re looking for items that are going to last the distance, this is definitely the place in your wardrobe you’ll want to go for quality over quantity.

And even though it’s not something we like to admit, due to the fact you’re likely to be wearing the same clothes around the same people each day, you might feel the urge to at least appear like you’re wearing something new from time to time.

Thankfully, that’s when a minimalist approach to style really comes into its own, as you'll easily be able to create multiple looks with the same items, and only updating your edit here and there with thoughtful new season additions. 

So get your checklist ready, here are our top items for building out an essential workwear capsule wardrobe. 

Black Trouser

Capsule work wardrobe black trousers

Pictured: Arnsdorf Black Suit Trouser 



Classic White Shirt 

Capsule Work Wardrobe White Shirt

Pictured: Esse Classico White Pocket Shirt 



Dressy Blouse

Capsule Work Wardrobe

Pictured: Dominique Healy Black Bella Blouse



Go-To Dress 

Capsule Work Wardrobe Black Dress

Pictured: Anna Quan Black Jaquelin Dress



Long Sleeve Basic Top


Capsule Work Wardrobe Black long sleeve top

Pictured: Marle Black Ana Top



Midi Skirt 



Capsule Work Wardrobe Midi Skirt

Pictured: Anna Quan Cream Cleo Skirt



Layering Tank 

Capsule Work Wardrobe layering tank

Pictured: Anna Quan Avril Black Top



Tailored Blazer

Capsule Work Wardrobe Black Blazer

Pictured: Matteau Relaxed Tailored Black Blazer



Essential Belt

Capsule Work Wardrobe black leather belt

Pictured: Arnsdorf Classic Leather Black Belt 



Tailored Flats 


Capsule Work Wardrobe tailored black flats

Pictured: Mara and Mine Black Leather Scarlet Loafer



Comfortable Heel 

Capsule Work Wardrobe black heels

Pictured: Mara and Mine Black Pearl Pumps



Carry All Tote

Capsule Work Wardrobe black tote bag

Pictured: Rylan Large Black Leather Tote

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