Why You Want To Wear A Scarf Jacket In 2024

Left to Right: Esse, Toteme, The Row, Bottega Veneta, Marle

Why You Want To Wear A Scarf Jacket In 2024

No you’re not imagining it, scarf jackets are everywhere, and we want one too — here’s why.

Written by Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas

Why You Want To Wear A Scarf Jacket In 2024

Even though we try to steer clear of trends, even we are susceptible to the ebbs and flows of design. And if you're a fan of brands like Toteme, the Row and the like (if you're here then I would say you are) you might have come across a trend piece know as the scarf jacket.

It’s a piece that may seem as though it emerged very suddenly, and soon after, gained rapid traction. But really, its rise in popularity comes as a natural progression, an inevitable product of a number of trends that have dominated in recent years that have collectively paved the way for the scarf jacket to enter our favour.

Take the modern three-piece suit, a look inspired by its 80s power equivalent and a classic menswear staple that instantly brings polish with its singular palette. Or the popularity of the modern matching set, a similarly refined look that too plays to the strength of its coordinated colour palette.

Then come the clearer references — cast your mind back to the pashminas and cashmere shawls that served as key pillars of 90s minimalism, swept effortlessly across the body. Or the preppier equivalent of the sweater set that too dominated the decade, the sweater often draping the shoulder. The return of these styling touches, much like the scarf jacket, mark a trend towards a more pared back, modest style that the scarf jacket too shares.

Given the cyclical nature of trends, and the enduring allure of quiet luxury, it was inevitable that the scarf jacket would soon skyrocket in popularity.

Of course, the virality of Toteme’s scarf jacket can’t be underestimated in the style’s rise to prominence — the hashtag #TotemeScarfJacket has amassed tens of millions of views, and counting. The piece also holds immense popularity amongst the street style set, these factors combined leading droves of stylish women to add it to cart with such furore that the piece has repeatedly sold out since its initial release in late 2021.

Designed with an in-built scarf, the style presents you with two pieces in one, adding not only an element of practicality and an air of effortlessness, but also some much-welcomed additional warmth in the cooler months. Factor in the dimension the style adds to a look with its sculptural swathe, its heavy, yet structured, wool blend fabrication, and its neutral palette, and its successes now seem a given. It was an obvious move for the Swedish label, which infused all the great hallmarks of the Scandi style we so often try to emulate into the piece.

Equally effortless and experimental, underscored by comfort and a sartorial classicism, the scarf jacket has permeated through the collection’s of cult-favourite luxury labels. Look to the likes of Bottega Veneta and The Row, and you’ll see that the influence of the scarf jacket goes far and wide. 

The Row especially has made this look a key part of their aesthetic — with its Resort 2024 collection, the label offered a number of drapey looks which utilised matching fabrications across their scarves and jackets to give the illusion of a single piece. Combining structured tailoring with softer touches, the House offers the ultimate in elegance and ‘effortful’ effortlessness as well as a subtly powerful edge.

Closer to home, local purveyors of timeless style have also embraced the silhouette. For the opening look of its Resort 2023 collection, Esse Studios presented its own unique take on the scarf jacket, styling a trench over the shoulder for their own take of the piece. More recently, New Zealand label Marle released its Jena Coat — beautifully crafted from a wool silk blend, the piece offers its own adaptation on the trend, allowing for the effortless drape of the scarf, and the option to detach it to reveal a flattering v-neckline.

And now, the scarf jacket trend has come full circle — within its Fall 2024 collection staged earlier this year, Toteme presented a longer version of its sell-out style and proved that the piece isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And why would it? It’s an easy plug in to any wardrobe, no matter your personal style, and provides the perfect formula for a forever piece.  

Whether it’s the allure of quiet luxury still at play, our ongoing yearning for ease when dressing, or a need for practicality when it comes to warmth and number of pieces worn, the scarf jacket will stand firm as a staple piece in our winter wardrobes.

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