40 Wardrobe Essentials for Effortless Style

Written by: Sara Crampton

40 Wardrobe Essentials

I’ve spent the last 10 plus years understanding the key items women need in their wardrobes to make the act of getting dressed, simple, easy and effortless. Once I learnt the foundations of a wardrobe and put this into practice in my own closet, the time it took me to get dressed became quicker, I avoided those dreaded moments where It felt like I had nothing to wear (or rather nothing that I felt good in), and I finally started to feel like me.

What had happened was that my clothes were no longer wearing me, I wasn’t falling victim to trends that weren't flattering, and as a result I became the most confident I had ever felt in my own body.

I then wanted to pass that power on to other women, and found that there is a whole community who share the same values and interest in a minimalist and classic approach to style. 

When I started to put this key wardrobe essentials list together I actually didn’t think I would get to 40 items, but without including shoes, accessories and key pieces of jewellery, which all equate to an outfit, the list felt incomplete.

My caveat on this list is that building out your wardrobe essentials takes time. Be ruthless in your search for the perfect [insert wardrobe essential here] as it’ll make you a more conscious shopper, and you’ll have, love and wear that piece for longer, knowing you took your time.

Use this list as a guide to check through your wardrobe. You probably have most of these already, but if you find yourself with a wardrobe of clothes and with nothing to wear, you might find this list helpful to form up your wardrobe essentials so you can put outfits together with ease.


1. Plain White T-shirt

Basic Jersey Masaki Tee by St. Agni

Basic Jersey Masaki Tee by St. Agni


2. White Shirt

Matteau Classic Pocket Shirt


Classic Pocket Shirt by Matteau


3. White Tank

Rib Tank by Hyde and Stone

Rib Tank by Hyde and Stone


4. Black Tank or Camisole

High Neck Rib Tank Top

High Neck Rib Tank Top by Esse 


5. Neutral Knitwear

Lorena Jumper

Lorena Jumper by Anna Quan


6. Black Knitwear

Cotton Rib Knit Jumper

Cotton Rib Knit Jumper by St. Agni 


7. Black Blouse

Louie Crop

Louie Crop by Dominique Healy


8. Striped Long Sleeve Top

Striped Long Sleeve Tee - The UNDONE

Breton Stripe Tee by Matteau


9. Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans

London High Rise Straight Leg Jean by Slvrlake 


10. White Jeans


Mica Low Rise Wide Leg Jean


Mica Low Rise Wide Leg Jean by Slvrlake 


11. Black Jeans 

Black Jeans

Grace High Rise Wide Leg Jean by Slvrlake


12. Black Trousers

Bias Trouser by Christopher Esber
Bias Trouser by Christopher Esber


13. White Trousers


El Toro Pants by Faithfull the Brand


El Toro Pants by Faithfull The Brand 

14. Black Leggings

Luke Leggings by Harris Tapper
Luke Legging by Harris Tapper


15. Black Skirt

Relaxed Tailored Skirt

Relaxed Tailored Skirt by Matteau


16. Black Tailored Shorts

The UNDONE - Black Tailored Shorts

Marion Short by Marle


17. Simple Black Dress

Sala Dress

Sala Dress by Marle  


18. Black Blazer

Relaxed Tailored Blazer

Relaxed Tailored Blazer by Matteau


19. Black Coat

Black Coat

Double Breasted Wool Coat by St. Agni


20. Denim Jacket

The UNDONE - Denim Jacket

Maren Denim Jacket by Nanushka


21. Neutral Trench

Women's Trench Coat

Women's Trench Coat by Wynn Hamlyn 


22. Black Suit

Relaxed Tailored Blazer
Relaxed Tailored Blazer by Matteau


Relaxed Tailored Trouser

Relaxed Tailored Trouser by Matteau


23. Pyjamas/Loungewear

The UNDONE - Pyjamas Loungewear

The 01 Linen Loungewear Set Long by Deiji Studios 


24. Black Ballet Flats

The UNDONE - Black Ballet Flats

The Quilted Ballerina by Toteme


25. Black Sandals


Piper Sandal by A.Emery


Piper Sandal by A.Emery


26. Neutral Sandals

Kinto Sandal

Kinto Sandal by A.EMERY


27. Neutral Heels

    The UNDONE - Neutral Heels

    Juliette Midi by Nelson Made


    28. Black Heels

    The UNDONE - Black Heels

    Juliette Midi by Nelson Made


      29. White Sneakers

        The UNDONE - White Sneaker


         Esplar Leather White Sneaker by Veja


        30. Black Boots


        The UNDONE - Black Boots

        Soma Boot by A.EMERY


        31. Black Tote Bag


        Arc Tote Bag by St. Agni


        Arc Tote Bag by St. Agni 


        32. Black Evening Bag

          Soft Baguette Bag

          Soft Baguette Bag by Rylan


          33. Basket Bag

          The UNDONE - Basket Bag

          Mini Basket Bag


          34. Classic Black Belt

          Classic Black Belt - The UNDONE

          Classic Leather Belt by Saint


          35. Neutral Hat

          The UNDONE - Neutral Hat

          The Inca Bucket by Lack of Color


          36. Black Sunglasses

          The UNDONE - Everyday Sunglasses

            Original Wayfarer Classic by Ray Ban 


            37. Everyday Earrings

            Classic Hoops 015 by Released from love

            Classic Hoops 015 by Released From Love


            38. Evening Earrings

            Link Statement Earrings by Rylan

            Link Statement Earrings by Rylan


            39. Elevated Necklace or Bracelet

            The Elly Necklace

            The Elly Necklace by Lie Studio


            40. Black One Piece

            black matteau swimsuit

            Square Maillot by Matteau


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