Tessa James

Tessa James
Tessa James over the years has shown herself to be one of the strong ones. 
The Australian actress, now based in L.A, and new mum, is the shining example of the UNDONE woman. 
We sat down with Tessa to discuss wardrobe staples, how her personal style has evolved and what being UNDONE means to her. 


1. When did you find your personal style, and what would you describe it as?

I would describe my style as minimal, tailored & transeasonal. Finding my personal style has be an ongoing journey - definitely something that has been more apparent in the last couple of years and I'm sure it will keep progressing as I get older and my life continues to evolve. However I do feel very comfortable with my personal style now that I'm a mum.

2. Whats helps you get dressed in the morning, is there a styling tip you always stick to?

I don't have a massive wardrobe, I only have pieces that I love. Everything in my wardrobe works back with one another. I have different variations of the same outfit & generally my outfit for the day will be dictated by what I'm doing. I like to have a good idea the night before as with my son it just keeps things a little more efficient.




Tessa James


3. Are you an impulse purchaser or do you have a style rule that helps you when adding an item to your wardrobe?

I'll only impulse buy if its something really fabulous (I impulse bought a Helmut lang class suit 70% off the other day - no brainer). Usually I buy basic, classic, timeless pieces that have a purpose.

4. Who are your favourite designers? Joseph is an amazing brand I wear a lot of.

Toteme, Bassike, Celine, MLS, JW Anderson & Albus lumen.


Tessa James



5. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe and what makes you hold onto it?

The oldest piece is a leather jacket my mum bought me when I was 16, it's One Teaspoon. I haven’t worn it in about 7yrs but I cannot get rid of it. It's a keepsake piece.

6. Are you a vintage or recycled fashion fan? What's the most amazing find you’ve scored?

No, I'm the worst! I am the opposite of a hoarder. I clean my house & wardrobe out all the time. I will only buy something if I really love it! However I did find a great pair of Chloe jeans in an Avalon vintage store once.


Tessa James


7. Your MVPs - what do you wear most often?

Tailored pant or jean with a tee or jumper, great jacket as well as a white runner, my loafers and slides.

8. Has becoming a mum impacted your style, how so?

Definitely. I feel a lot more comfortable in my clothes and I think that comes from being more comfortable with myself. I am way more efficient and keep things really simple because I don't have a lot of time to procrastinate. I find being organised helps me feel really great. My one trick is ensuring my outfits now take me from morning to night.

9. What does being undone mean to you?

Being undone to me means being your true self + being natural. 

Tessa James


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