How To Wear Beige Without Being Boring

Written by Sarah Mourtos 

How To Wear Beige Without Being Boring

The colour beige has gotten bad press over the years. People have branded it as dull and boring, and to those people, we ask; What has beige ever done to you? 

Let’s just get the record straight, beige is not boring.  In fact, we can guarantee the colour will captivate your style and wardrobe come the summer months. Soon we will all be guilty of filling our shopping carts with the sandy hue. For those still unconvinced, here are five ways to wear beige without being boring.

Look For Texture

In French, the word beige originally translated to 'natural wool' so it will come as no surprise that the colour looks best when styled in natural fabrics. When choosing pieces, look for texture and grain. Think linen and cotton, as these fabrics tend to have inherent differences within their weave. A great example of this is the Rib Knit Polo Top by St. Agni.

How to Wear Beige Without Being Boring

Choose Unique Styles  

This point may not help the ‘beige is not boring’ campaign, but the colour isn’t usually described as being a statement. This isn’t a bad thing, as it allows other features to become the focus. The colour doesn’t demand attention, which is great when you want to experiment with bolder designs like a plunging neckline or oversized sleeves. When shopping for beige clothes, look for unusual shapes and cuts to keep things exciting like the Folded Tux Trouser by Esse

Fifty Shades of Beige

As with any colour, some will just pop when placed next to certain skin tones. Beige is not exempt from this rule.  The trick to making beige work for you is to find the right hue. Any shade of beige will compliment a bronze complexion which is why it’s a staple for summer dressing. If you sit on the paler side of the spectrum or you’re a stickler for sun cream, choose a darker beige with a warmer tone to avoid becoming washed out. Above all, choose a shade of beige that isn’t too similar to your skin tone, so you don’t look naked from a distance.

How to Wear Beige Without Being Boring

Pairing With Black or White

The colour beige is so versatile that it should earn the white t-shirt status because it goes with everything. It seamlessly fits into a monochromatic colour palette along with navy and khaki. For a breezy summer look, pair beige with white jeans. This is a combination we love for the warmer months. The creamy colour makes the white of the jeans appear crisp and bright. For an evening look, try pairing beige with black wide-leg pants. This pairing is a refreshed take on the classic black/white combination.

Accent With Gold

It’s not like we are short of reasons to wear our favourite gold jewellery, but beige and gold are a match made in heaven. They both sit within the same colour family making it an obvious pairing. No outfit is complete without a touch of jewellery. There are really no hard and fast rules to this, simply adorn yourself with your favourite gold pieces.

How to Wear Beige Without Being Boring

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