Chocolate Brown Outfit Ideas

Chocolate Brown Outfit Ideas

4 ways to style chocolate brown

Chocolate Brown Outfit Ideas

Chocolate brown is one of the most elegant tones to wear that adds warmth and richness to your outfit. The shade has been gaining quiet momentum over the last few years and is now a mainstay in our wardrobes, but even we sometimes still need a little reference check to incorporate it into our look. 

Here are 4 ways to style chocolate brown + more on our Pinterest. 

1. Wear it With Denim

We’ll admit it wasn’t our first instinct, but we love how the richness of the brown elevates the classic blue jean. Especially if you’re working with a more tailored brown jacket, having it contrast a loose, relaxed denim jean would create a balanced undone look. 

2. Brown on Brown

We love a matching set, and matching your brown with even more browns creates the most beautiful elegant head to toe look. We love styling the Harris Tapper Tuxedo coat or Tilmens blazer with their matching Irving trouser

3. Pair it With Black

Black and brown are an ultra chic pairing. This combination instantly sets a mood. Styling a dark brown tank with a black trouser or a chocolate coat with an all black base are som easy outfit formulas you can set on repeat. 

4. Lighten Brown with White

White worn with deep brown tones is a softer combination and refreshing option for wearing your chocolate shades in summer. Pairing them with a white tank or white denim is an easy option.

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