A Case For Wearing Beige In Winter

A case for wearing beige in winter

Written by: Maddi Caldwell

We can’t go past the colour beige when it comes to putting together outfits, especially as we dive into those cooler months. When it comes to winter we immediately think of dark colours and hues to dress for the weather, however dressing for colder weather does not mean we have to pack all away of our neutral colours and beige tones. 

Once reserved for resort style, wearing beige and neutral colours have seen a surge in popularity particularly for winter. Neutral shades and tones of beige, brown and soft butter have emerged as hero colours for this new season. As seen at Sydney Fashion Week, a sea of classic beige trenches, oversized camel-coloured coats and tailored neutral trousers were on full display proving how this cool-girl colour has started to take over. 


A case for wearing beige in winter

Beige is boring you may say, however it can have the complete opposite effect when paired with classic wardrobe essentials to make for a truly effortless look. The simplicity of a neutral toned piece has the ability to be paired with a variety of colours, as well as pairing well with a range of textures. Neutral tones are as classic as your traditional black, however they can have a more upbeat and fresh look when worn.

Pale colours also present a more delicate approach to dressing, causing us to think more clearly about our dressing choices and what feels good on our bodies. Wearing a neutral shade may seem like a daunting task for someone who dresses predominately in dark colours (myself included), however the key is to start with a statement piece - a long coat or oversized jumper to ease you into a lighter look. Pops of neutral colours help to balance out a dark look by adding dimension and shape to our bodies. With a neutral shade you can direct the eye to areas of the body you wish to highlight or conceal, ultimately still giving you control of your look. 


A case for wearing beige in winter

If you’re ready to cross over to the neutral side, an all beige look will always be a winner in our eyes! Thoughtfully layer different beige hues and textures together to offer a refined look that makes any outfit feel instantly chic and put together. When you don’t know what to wear in the morning, a fully neutral outfit can always ease the burden as you are not overwhelmed with colour choices that don’t always work together. In the end, beige will always be your friend when it comes to dressing for that oh-so-effortless style!


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