10 Style Secrets of Stylish Women

Written by: Lisa Patulny

secrets of stylish women

It’s one thing to have a well-curated capsule wardrobe full of beautiful clothing, but it’s another to always appear effortlessly put together. Sure, the former makes the latter easier to achieve, but it’s no guarantee. As keen observers of people who ooze the kind of insouciant, self-confident style that compels you to Pin their every outfit (for recreating later), we’ve noticed that there are a few things they tend to have in common.

Specifically, there’s a host of secret style tips they consistently abide by in order to elevate their wardrobe staples to gold status. These tips prove that style can be learned – you don’t have to be born with an innate sense for fashion to feel and look good in your clothes. Ready to add them to your arsenal? Let’s dive in.

Make friends with a tailor

It might seem obvious, but ensuring your clothes fit you well can be the difference between looking stylish and sloppy. (Dragging trouser bottoms on the floor doesn’t read ‘polished’.) In addition to having too-long pants hemmed, you can also have a tailor nip in or let out the pieces in your wardrobe for a personalised fit.

Develop a uniform

Having a signature look that you can always rely on makes getting dressed easy. Whether you feel your best in blue jeans and an oversized shirt or black pants and a tank top, invest in whatever you need to get the job done. Focus on piecing together wardrobe essentials that always work, then make sure you have multiples.

Style secrets of stylish women


Choose quality fabrics

Good quality fabrics tend to wear better and last longer, but they’re also superior in terms of look and feel. Over time, you’ll learn to spot fabric characteristics that are synonymous with quality. (Things like the weight, drape and finish.) Investing in classic pieces cut in top notch fabrics pays dividends in the long run.

Look after your closet

It goes without saying, but it’s a good idea to take care of your sartorial investments. Add a reputable dry cleaner, tailor and cobbler to your contacts – they’ll help you launder special pieces, repair holes and polish and resole shoes. De-pill your knits regularly and consider dying anything that’s faded or badly stained.

Build an accessory wardrobe

If creating a capsule wardrobe is about laying the foundations of a great look, building a core jewellery and accessory collection can help you to elevate it. It might help to separate your purchases into two categories: everyday wear and occasion. Small hoops, a classic chain and watch, and delicate rings are timeless choices.

secrets of stylish women


Focus on styling details

Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference to an outfit – the perfect French tuck (Google it), a rolled shirt shirt sleeve, a scarf folded into a top, or a belt looped in an interesting way. Take notice of styling details when you see them, then recreate them yourself. They can lift your basics to new heights.

Invest in undergarments

Underwear makes a significant difference to how your clothes look. Top drawer essentials will depend on what you wear most but having a nude bra and briefs on hand is always a good idea. Whatever undergarments you choose, wash them on a gentle cycle in a laundry bag to retain their shape for longer.

Good grooming is key

Always consider your hair, makeup and nails – even the most sophisticated outfit will fall short if you don’t brush your hair. There’s no need to go overboard (unless you want to!) but making an effort in this area adds to the overall look. Hydrated, naturally luminous skin, tidy nails and healthy-looking hair will always be chic.

style secrets of stylish women

Always be prepared

Spilled red wine on your top at dinner? Pull out the stain remover pen covertly stashed in your handbag and you can sort it out on the spot. Other emergency essentials include a mending kit with a needle and thread, safety pins, double sided tape and oil-free baby wipes. Stash them in a pouch you can move from bag to bag.

Get (and stay) comfy

Fact: there’s nothing stylish about being uncomfortable. Too-small fits and pinchy shoes are a punish to wear so leave them on the shelf. (Plus, they won’t exude the impossibly cool ‘chill factor’ you’re after.) Levels of tolerance will differ for everyone and that’s OK. What matters is that you feel good in whatever you wear. 

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