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Why Every Wardrobe Needs A Pair Of White Jeans

Style lessons from our Pinterest board

Why Every Wardrobe Needs A Pair Of White Jeans

 A few years ago I had the revelatory moment that white jeans are the ultimate wardrobe secret of stylish women. A recurring pattern had emerged from my saved outfit references and pinterest boards, a theme I could no longer ignore. She was wearing white jeans. Simultaneously, I remembered that I had parted ways with trying to make this particular item work after squeezing into a thin, stretchy version circa 2012. But these women weren’t wearing their white jeans this way. And so perhaps it was time for me to revisit.

Thank goodness trends change and evolve as the 2024 version of the classic white jean is a more relaxed silhouette, with straight and wide-leg cuts proving most popular, alongside more premium fabrications. Most often they are 100% cotton and are far from the stretchy, thin variations from the decade prior. Not only is the modern-day white jean more wearable and way cooler, but it’s become a verified style staple that will see you through all weather, all seasons, and all occasions.

Blue and black jeans may be your current go-tos, but if it’s been a minute (or a decade) since you last gave the white jean a try, let us convince you that now is the time to ensure you have at least one pair of white jeans in your wardrobe.


What my white denim pinterest boards have taught me, is that the white jean is one we can style all year round. Looking refreshing in summer with t-shirts and tanks, they also give winter outfits a revitalisation, creating striking contrasts against black winter essentials. 

white jeans

The ‘All White’ Uniform

An all-white outfit is a masterstroke in making yourself appear and feel awake, fresh and we-can’t-believe-we’re-saying-this #cleangirlaesthetic. I know, even I'm cringing. But horrible Tik-Tok trends aside, we get what they’re saying, and the white jean delivers.  

White jeans are the ideal everyday foundation to pull off the all-white outfit. Styled with t-shirts, tanks, white button down shirts or chic knitwear. We love breaking up the look with classic black belts and accessories, or throwing on a beige trench or black coat or blazer over an all white base.

A Summer Essential

Jeans may not immediately seem like a summer essential to some, and perhaps even get sidelined when the humidity strikes, however the white jean specifically provides a loophole. In natural materials like 100% cotton, and in relaxed silhouettes, the white jean is actually a summer favourite. 

Especially when styled with a lighter top half, we love our white jeans with black or white tank tops, worn over our black one piece swimsuits, and layer open lightweight cotton shirts. 

white jeans

A Cross-Occasion Staple

While we’ll absolutely say the blue jean is the most iconic, it can sometimes lean a little too casual — in comes the white jean. While it's very comfortably worn in more relaxed contexts, the white jean works just as well mixed within your workwear wardrobe.

For the office, style your white jeans with a classic leather belt, blazer and either your favourite pair of ballet flats, sling back pumps or heeled sandals

They are actually, quite easy to keep clean

From someone who has worn their white jeans on repeat for the last few years, the reality of life will inevitably show up on your white jeans. But don’t let a little mark come between you and now your favourite pair of jeans. A spray, soak and wash will bring them back to their bright white glory. 


For more white jean styling tips, check out our dedicated Pinterest board for additional inspiration.

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