Why We (still) Love Fashion Week Street Style

Why We (still) Love Fashion Week Street Style

Written by Sarah Mourtos

All Images by Holly Burgess

Famously dubbed “a circus” by fashion critic and journalist Suzy Menkes in her article for the New York Times back in 2013, not much has changed at Fashion Week in the past six years. Twice a year we are captivated by models, bloggers, and influencers who turn the streets into a runway. We gawk over the pictures and then try to recreate the effortless street style snapped outside the Lincoln Centre when we next get dressed.

Why We (still) Love Fashion Week Street Style

The street style surrounding Fashion Week has become almost bigger than the shows themselves. Bill Cunningham was the pioneering photographer responsible for the street photography movement. His photography was candid and authentic, as too were his subjects. Fast forward to 2019, the phenomenon of street style and photography has only grown. It’s become a genre of fashion in itself. Thanks to social media, notably Instagram, we have become saturated with images of street style.  We know the right clothes to wear and poses to pull to capture a look that screams just off to see a Balenciaga show. Brands have capitalised on the hype and begun to pay influencers to wear their collections head to toe. Something that was once natural has morphed into something that feels commercial, cookie-cutter, and probably far from anything Bill Cunningham could have imagined when he first clicked the shutter button on his Nikon.  

Why We (still) Love Fashion Week Street Style

Regardless, we still love street style. We’re not saying it’s without faults (see above), but street style still has the potential to provide some serious outfit inspiration. It shows us how to take trends from the runway and make them wearable for the everyday. The authentic and real is still out there. You just have to look for it.

In honour of the impending Fashion Weeks, we have collated a list of people to follow for the best street style over the coming month. Included are bloggers, editors, and photographers who nail it both in the feed and on the streets.


Street Style Photographers

Sandra Semburg
Dan Roberts
The Style Stalker
Collage Vintage 2
The Locals


Street Style Stars

Carmille Charriere
Carmen Hamilton
Oracle Fox
Pernille Teisbaek
Giorgia Tordini
Veronica Heilbrunner
Anya Ziourova
Christine Centenera

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