Why We Love ATP Atelier

Why We Love ATP Atelier

All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP) Atelier is the Swedish-Italian footwear label that prioritises timeless and sustainable pieces over fashion. Combining contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship by working with small Italian factories in Italy where ATP shoes are handcrafted in vegetable-tanned leather.

Here are 3 Reasons Why We Love ATP Atelier footwear.

Written by Kaija Love 

Slow Fashion  

We’re sure you’ve all heard the term ‘fast fashion’. By its very definition, it refers to the generally inexpensive clothing produced by the mass market to deliver the ‘trends’ at an extremely rapid pace. What you might not know is that it is the second most polluting industry on our planet. Oftentimes the synthetic fibres that are used in this industry omit harsh chemicals that inflict harm on factory workers and the surrounding environment. Not only this, because these fabrics are not created to last (and are not biodegradable), consumers are spurred to re-purchase over and over, inevitably leading to more landfill. 

So, what’s the alternative you may ask? brands that embrace slow fashion of course. Founded in 2011 by old friends Jonas Clason and Maj-la Pizzelli, ATP Atelier are aware of exactly where their materials come from. The duo intertwined through their mutual love of style; with each piece of footwear hand-crafted in the Italian region of Tuscany. Though fine leather and suede are staples in their collections, tanned vegetable leathers are also used as much as possible to create footwear that is both beautiful and ethical. Products that are treated with vegetable tannins are biodegradable and also do not contain toxic substances that are often found in fast-fashion houses such as azo-dyes, nickel, PCP, or chrome VI.  


Why We Love ATP Atelier

Made in Italy by Hand  

ATP Atelier are always looking for new ways they can contribute to a more conscious, forward-thinking fashion industry; and the time for this has never been more crucial. For ATP, this starts with their employees. More than anything, they recognise the value of quality craftsmanship and safe working conditions. This means that their shoes are made in Italy by local craftsmen, who work under conditions that the brand can confidently vouch for. A respectable design philosophy and happy employees mean a great end result, so you can rest assured each piece is made thoughtfully, thoroughly, and to an impeccable standard every time.


Why We Love ATP Atelier

They’ll last the test of time and trends  

With footwear, versatility is key. In a village called Otranto, an Italian town just south of Puglia, Maj-La and Jonas reunited unexpectedly after spending two decades apart working on their business knowledge. Finding a small studio in the town, they began making leather sandals. They found having just a few pairs on rotation each Summer was sufficient. They were simple enough to match any outfit, but also durable enough to see them through the season and years.

Their simple design philosophy is as follows: “Material first, design second”. This allows the brand to consider the long-term durability of each and every item they create, as opposed to blindly following the trends. ATP provides the perfect shoe for every season so you can wear them on repeat with confidence. From sandals to boots, each design is unique enough to carry their own point of difference. A classic, refined style never loses its charm.

Why We Love ATP Atelier
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