Why This Minimalist Swim Label Will Become One Of Your Favourites

Why This Minimalist Swim Label Will Become One Of Your Favourites

Instantly recognisable is something Marysia Swim has at its core. The scalloped edge has made this minimalist swim label famous. Furthermore, this editor can place their hand on their heart and fully endorse this brand as one of the most flattering they’ve come by. You’ll always receive compliments wearing Marysia Swim.

Starting your collection off with a scallop edge is a no brainer, but an alternative is the sister to the scallop, the Zig-Zag. Perhaps not as instantly recognisable, but no less eye catching, the Zig-Zag is set to become this summer’s favourite, with the pattern making its way into silk dresses and skirts, in contrasting black and white detailing.

All pieces sold separately gives you the freedom to mix and match, with the contrasting Zig-Zag detailed bandeau bikini top easily being worn with a black or white bottom. It’s not uncommon for TheUNDONE customers to purchase a single bottom and multiple tops to get multiple looks out of their favourite minimalist swim pieces.

With core classic styles repeated and new variations added each season you can then add a new bottom, top or one piece the following summer or island getaway, slowly building up a collection all lust worthy swimsuits, from the minimalist swim label that will never go out of style.


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