Why Brown Boots are the Unsung Hero
of our Winter Footwear Collection

Why the Brown Boot is the Unsung Hero of our Winter Footwear Collection - The UNDONE

Let’s set the scene for you, you’re getting dressed on a cold winter's day in head to toe neutral and the last thing you go to put on is a pair of shoes to finish off your outfit. Sneakers are too casual, it’s too cold for a neutral open heel or even that cute pair of neutral ballet flats, what you need is a warm cozy boot. You look over at your favourite black boots, a tried and tested winter wardrobe essential, but they are too black and heavy for the light and neutral look you’re going for, what you need is a neutral, brown boot.

We’ll always stand by the fact that the hero of our winter footwear collection is the classic black boot, however, every true hero needs a sidekick that can pick up the slack when the going gets tough - or when things just aren’t working out for our protagonist.

Cue the brown boot. The perhaps lesser known, but just as hardworking sidekick to our classic black boots.

Why the Brown Boot is the Unsung Hero of our Winter Footwear Collection - The UNDONE

When curating our collection of summer shoes we always look to incorporate a neutral footwear option such as a tan sandal to work alongside our go-to black sandals. If we’re wearing head-to-toe white or neutrals, black sandals can sometimes look too harsh and mis-matched and having these two colour palettes on rotation means we’re covered for all our summer looks. 

So, just because the temperature has changed doesn’t mean our approach to how we curate and style our footwear does too. Black ankle boots unfortunately just don’t work with everything, and we sometimes need an alternative option to pick up the slack. 

This season we have invested in two key ankle boot styles. The Soma Boot by A.Emery and the Ankle Boot by St. Agni. To prove our point, we have both styles in classic black as well as a neutral brown option. In our opinion the Soma Boot is our ultimate forever boot, made in Italy in a super soft leather that we’ll be wearing for many seasons to come. Or if you’re after something with a little more detailing while still remaining classic, the St. Agni Ankle Boot in croc embossed leather is a perfect option.

So while you may have your perfect black ankle boots sorted, have you thought about their trusty sidekick for the outfits when black just doesn’t work? It might be time to regroup on your winter footwear options and think about investing in a go-to neutral option, a trusty pair of brown ankle boots. 

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