Why Black and White Should Form the Building Blocks of Your Wardrobe

The UNDONE - Why Black and White Should Form the Building Blocks of Your Wardrobe

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe and thought you had nothing to wear? You’re not alone, we have all felt this at some point and it’s never because we don’t have things to wear, it's because we simply have too much choice.

Having an overflowing wardrobe of colour could have been the OG dream as we scrolled through our favourite blog The Coveteur circa 2012 or watched an episode of KUWTK and saw the inside of celebrities' closets. But the reality is a hot mess and quite frankly we don’t have the time or mental capacity to take on this task every morning.

The solution? Go monochrome. Black and white are the heavy lifters of every wardrobe, and are the building blocks of all our favourite, timeless outfits. Here are 5 reasons why your wardrobe should predominantly be black and white.

The UNDONE - Black and White Edit

1. Wardrobe Essentials tend to be black or white.

When we make our list of wardrobe essentials - the pieces that we want to form the foundation of our wardrobe, they are mainly made up of pieces in black or white. Think a plain white t-shirt, a classic black blazer or a great pair of black trousers. Rarely is something of colour on this list, the only exception would be your go-to high waisted straight leg blue jeans.

2. They go with everything and will save you time.

Black and white goes with everything, period. Even if you are a colour enthusiast you’ll know you can always rely on styling your favourite bright piece of clothing with the refined simplicity of this duo. Knowing that they go with everything else in your wardrobe will undoubtedly save you time. You don’t have to think twice if it will work or not, you can simply throw it on and go.

3. Black and White outfits always look polished. 

The most stylish people we know wear a lot of black and white. It’s effortless and unfussy, comes across as not trying too hard yet has infinite elegance. In our opinion you’ll always be one of the most stylish people in the room wearing head to toe black or white. 

4. Black and White doesn’t date. 

We’re big fans of investing in items that will last season after season, and a big component of this is colour. We could pull out an elegant black dress from our wardrobe five years down the track and know it’s still going to look as good as it did when we bought it, as opposed to something more colourful and trend-led that has a mental time stamp. 

5. We’re less likely to part with them. 

Becoming a more conscious and sustainable shopper is important to us, and choosing items that we will wear and hold onto is the most sustainable choice. Rather than rotating out our wardrobes every few months and constantly buying into the newest trend, opting for a wardrobe that’s mainly made up of black and white will lead to holding onto your clothes for longer.

Getting the foundation of your wardrobe sorted by investing in wardrobe essentials in black and white will make the act of getting dressed a breeze as you’ll always know there is an effortless, stylish outfit ready to go. 

The UNDONE - Black and White Edit

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