What We're Wearing At Home

What We're Wearing At Home

As we all get increasingly use to the new normal of working from home, we at The UNDONE are finding what daily WFH outfits work best for us, to keep us inspired, comfortable and motivated. 

We feel so fortunate to be able to continue to ship your orders without too much disruption, with our team splitting their time between the office and home to ensure safety for all. 

As always you can connect with us via email, phone or slide into our Instagram DM's, even if you simply want to say hi.  

Stay Safe, Stay at Home. 


The UNDONE At Home Style

Sara Crampton | Director
I’m working from home with my 4 month old baby, so I work off my laptop and phone anywhere I can when I get the chance. For this reason comfort and practicality is key, and I’m finding that i’m exclusively wearing pants at the moment.  
These Matin black linen elastic pants are so comfortable. I either wear these with a loose button down shirt, or i’ve now added these Albus Lumen 3/4 sleeve terry towelling tops in black and beige to the rotation.
What We're Wearing At Home
Danielle Eid | E-Commerce Manager
I've stuck with my normal uniform while I'm at home which usually consists of jeans, a t-shirt, and blazer. Now more than ever I like to feel polished, it helps lift my spirits when I'm dressed well.
My go-to at the moment is Christopher Esber's Boy Scout Blazer, it's slightly oversized so it's very comfortable. 
The UNDONE At Home Style
Madelaine Caldwell | E-commerce Assistant 
When working from home, my outfits are all about a balance between comfort and style. My go-to combination at the moment is a midi skirt paired with a cropped top. 
The Albus Lumen Terry Capri Top and Shaina Mote Naropa Skirt are both crafted with soft fabrics that make me feel comfortable, yet dressed up at the same time. 
The UNDONE at home style
Annabelle Doyle | E-Commerce Assistant 
My go-to WFH piece at the moment is the Paris Georgia Nina Trouser. They're a wardrobe staple that I continue to grab, they offer so much comfort without being a pair os sweatpants. 
The pants go with everything so I've been pairing them with a basic t-shirt, crisp black shirt, and tank so I feel relaxed and sharp at the same time.
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