What We're Manifesting in 2019

Image By: An Organised Life

The hazy no man’s land between the end of the festive season and your return to work is the perfect time to evaluate the past twelve months. It’s a period of respite before you’re thrust into another year. You can look back on the highs, the lows, and the everything in between.

Usually following this reflection are sweeping statements about your goals and resolutions with an unwavering enthusiasm that will most likely waver by mid-January. This year, we aren’t going to do that.

Instead, we are going to manifest. To put it simply, manifesting is using the power of positive thinking to bring change in your life. It’s applying the theory that our thoughts and feelings dictate the type of energy in our lives. It’s an “ask the universe, and you shall receive” type thing.

Now to all the sceptics out there, we know thinking alone will not miraculously shift those extra kilos or double the money in our savings account. You obviously have to work towards these goals in some form or another, but a positive mindset will make the process a whole lot easier.

We have included the manifestations of the team here at The UNDONE to get you inspired, and we encourage you to create your own manifestations. Write them down and put them somewhere you regularly visit; on your phone, on the fridge, on your dog. Now sit back, relax and know the universe has good things coming for you.

So if your New Year’s Eve was a bit of a letdown, or you have already caved on your resolutions, or just don’t believe a clock striking midnight is the secret to making all your dreams come true, we’re giving you a second chance. It’s on the 9th of January that your 2019 officially starts. We hope it’s a good one.

Written by Sarah Mourtos 

"My focus is on the home this year and to manifest it into my minimalist sanctuary. Freeing myself of clutter and unnecessary excess which constantly weighs me down, I’ll be starting the year with a big cull, clean and reflection of what makes me happy. Creating space, light, warmth and bringing nature into the home I know will have a positive impact into all facets of my life."


 "This year I’m manifesting balance, being mindful of the present and celebrating all wins - small or big. A big focus for me personally is achieving balance in all areas of my life, not just work/play. Being mindful of how great the now is and celebrating the little triumphs in the everyday - because my puppy remembering the backyard is the toilet is a win worth celebrating."


"2019 will be a big year as I continue to focus on my career and grow my businesses. It's easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks, so this year I want to be more mindful of my surroundings and what's going on in the world to ensure my contributions are considered and impactful."


 "This year I am focusing on intuition - saying yes to what I love and no to the things that don't serve me. My second daughter is joining our family in just a couple of weeks and I'm excited to build on the work / family life that my husband and I have created in the past year - and trusting that the way we are doing things is right for us. As Jeannie Bourke so perfectly said on the first episode of Offline: "Decide you will have it. Inform the universe of this. Everything will come"."


 "This year I want to manifest growth. I want to establish my career and grow it into something that is fulfilling. I want to grow my experiences by hopping on a plane and traveling to somewhere different. And I want to grow my mindset through being kinder to myself – be proud of everything you have already achieved."

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