Tanice Elizabeth

UNDONE Women: Tanice Elizabeth

Relatively new to Instagram, Tanice Elizabeth @taniceelizabeth caught our attention earlier this year with her minimalist style and down to earth beauty videos. Working as a lawyer by day, this mum's style resonates with our less is more ethos and we loved getting to know Tanice more as we asked her a few questions about her style journey thus far. 


We love your neutral style palette, have you always dressed this way? We would love to hear the story of how you found your personal style.

I find that I gravitate towards neutrals. I like to be able to style pieces in numerous ways from a wardrobe that includes the same tones. I was a late 80’s baby, and so growing up in the 90’s I find that I love to use that genre as a base.

I have always loved wearing trousers, tanks, oversized t-shirts and shorts and when I look at what I wear now, I think my personal style stems exactly from the people around me.

I love masculine clothes and I love gender neutral clothes even more so. I was always drawn to my dad’s clothes, his knits, shirts, tailored trousers and have a few of his pieces in my wardrobe.

What helps you get dressed in the morning, is there a styling tip you always stick to?

I don’t plan my outfits in advance. I dress based on my mood or the weather or sometimes I get inspired before bed and think ‘I’d love to wear that piece tomorrow’.

I love to feel comfortable because I then feel more confident in myself.

My styling tip is to layer. I love being able to change to my environment and always have either a knit or a shirt with me that I can either put on or take off when I feel .

We love your initiative #ContentforBetter can you tell us more about this?

#ContentForBetter came about pretty organically when the BLM movement rose to the surface in the media after the tragic killing of George Floyd.

Myself and Lucy (@thestylesponge_) were chatting, exchanging some books that we thought would be great for our kids to read. Books lead to BLM chats and we decided that we wanted to do something worthwhile that could help diversify the fashion community and beyond.

We started with a simple pledge that people could join in with and follow to actively support the BLM movement on socials by doing three things. Firstly, being aware and researching a brands ethics before entering into a relationship with or promoting them. Secondly, challenge diversity of events and campaigns that we are asked to take part in and lastly, continuing to stay active in promoting diversity amongst our peers.

#ContentForBetter is still currently evolving but currently, we see it as a community, a space that helps promote diversity amongst creatives and artists alike.


UNDONE Women: Tanice Elizabeth

Working as a lawyer do you find you have two separate wardrobes, one for work and one for weekends, or do you buy pieces that interchange between both? And If so what would you recommend would be the key pieces to invest in?

I tend to interchange between both. I have a real working wardrobe, so even though I may have a piece that I only wear for work and vice versa I invest in pieces that I can wear both at home and in the office.

In the office, I wear trousers with a blouse or a shirt. I love to be comfortable. My go to outfit is an oversized shirt and a pair of comfortable trousers. For the office, I style it with a jacket and heels. I can wear this exact same outfit at home with sneakers or slides or wear it out to dinner with some nice jewellery and bag.

Key pieces to invest in: a shirt, black tailored trousers, a pair of neutral sneakers, a pair of good fitting jeans and some simple jewellery and a black bag.

To me, accessories are as important as clothes - a pair of earrings can really change up an outfit. I also only buy jewellery that I would wear in every situation, whether it be to work, at home or to a party.

What’s the oldest piece in your wardrobe and what makes you hold onto it?

An ivory cabaret blouse that belonged to my dad. He was a cabaret singer in his youth and got so many pieces made. I will never get rid of this piece - its simple colour, amazing quality, structure, the way it washes, it does not crease and has truly stood the test of time.

UNDONE Women: Tanice Elizabeth

Are you an impulse purchaser or do you have a style rule that helps you when adding an item to your wardrobe?

I don’t like to buy on a whim. I put things on wish lists or in virtual baskets and have a rule that I won’t buy unless I can’t stop thinking about that item a few weeks or months later.

I also purchase pieces that I can wear both in the summer and in the winter. I try not to shop too often and when I do purchase I go for simple pieces that will (hopefully) stand the test of time.

What are your MVP’s, what do you wear the most often?

An oversized coat, a knit, a white t-shirt, black pants or a jean, black boots and sneakers.

What would you feel lost without?

A knit (I love being warm).

Who do you love to follow on instagram?

Marie von Behrens

What does being undone mean to you?

To me, being undone means being true to myself. Being comfortable in myself leads to me being confident in myself.

All images via @taniceelizabeth 

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