UNDONE Women: Alexis Foreman

UNDONE Women: Alexis Foreman

We've fallen hard and fast for everything Alexis Foreman @alexisforeman posts. This British mum of three boys effortlessly shows us how to wear a neutral wardrobe with her weekly outfit round ups and perfectly curated feed. 

We chat to Alexis about how she found her *current* personal style - it's never too late to make a change, why she has decided to keep her family life private, and even got the down low on her skin care routine, as that glow is a conversation on its own! 

We love your neutral style palette, have you always dressed this way? We would love to hear the story of how you found your personal style.

Thank you! I used to wear colour but over recent years have found myself leaning more and more towards neutrals. Then around a year ago I decided to edit my wardrobe down to a purely neutral palette and it’s been so freeing! I now find it so much easier to put outfits together as all my pieces work together so much better. I also think that now I’m in my forties, it felt like the right time to refine my style and really know what makes me feel comfortable and chic. Having a more muted and minimal wardrobe has really helped with that.

What helps you get dressed in the morning, is there a styling tip you always stick to?

I only have pieces in my wardrobe that I love and are comfortable so whatever I grab I know it will tick those boxes, so that foundation helps every morning. I tend to always style outfits with comfort and functionality at the forefront because once you know you love what you own, the rest falls into place if you’re choosing what practically works on any given day. One styling tip I’m loving at the moment is a sweater over the shoulders. It’s the perfect extra layer of styling that also has a functional purpose.

UNDONE Women: Alexis Foreman

Beauty is a key focus on your channels, what would you say are your beauty rules?

Yes, I’m really into skincare! My skin is better at 41 than it was at 30 and it’s all down to putting the effort into a good morning and evening routine. My skincare arsenal consists of Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, Glycolic acid, Retinol, a good face oil and SPF, but one thing that I absolutely recommend for glowing skin is daily morning facial massage. I use a gua sha tool or my hands for a few minutes each morning to get the blood flowing and bring a natural radiance to the skin.

How do you keep your wardrobe organised and curated? Eg, do you have helpful storage tips, do you sell and donate regularly, are you very particular about bringing new items into the home.

Yes I do edit regularly especially as I have a lot of pieces coming in for collaborations with brands and not much space at home so I have to keep on top of it all! I rent a storage container locally to hold the off season items like coats during the summer, as well as items I want to sell and donate.

UNDONE Women: Alexis Foreman

Can you tell us your approach when it comes to social media and your personal life? With so many people over sharing its very refreshing to see someone keep their private life private.

Thank you. I made the decision very early on not to share home life as it’s really important for me personally to have boundaries and protect rest time. Also, I have three sons who’s lives I respect as their own, so on the rare occasion I do share content on stories that shows them in the picture, I ask their permission first. Sharing too much can be detrimental. We spend so much time on social media it can feel like we’re slaves to it and I don’t like that. I try and remember that for me it’s a work tool that should serve me, not me it!

What’s the oldest piece in your wardrobe and what makes you hold onto it?

An Armor-Lux breton top that belonged to my mum which I stole from her years ago! Can’t ever let go of it ;)

UNDONE Women: Alexis Foreman

Are you an impulse purchaser or do you have a style rule that helps you when adding an item to your wardrobe?

I’m pretty considered with my purchases. I’ll usually be thinking about an item for a while before I buy so I know I really want it. When I get to the point that every time I get dressed I think “this outfit would be great if only I had...” then I know it’s time to pounce!

Your MVP’s, what do you wear the most often?

Right now it’s my The Row Gaia sandals. They’ve been great during the summer — so easy to style with everything I have. I’m really looking forward to wearing them with socks in the autumn. I also realised the other day how much I wear my black Arizona Birkenstock’s. They’re years old and I wear them so often. Love styling them with socks in the colder months. A few other pieces are my beloved KASSL trench coat, CAES sweaters and ARKET shirts. In the winter my RAEY coat, BITE studios trousers, Bottega Veneta Lug boots, Toteme Wide Shaft boots.

What would you feel lost without?
My husband. 

What does being undone mean to you?

To me it means feeling vulnerable but in a good way. Like that feeling after I’ve been hysterically laughing or emotional after listening to an amazing piece of music.

All images via @alexisforeman

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