Tips for Mastering A Seasonal Wardrobe Swap Over

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As the calendar ticks over and the weather starts to change, it's once again time to swap out your summer wardrobe for your autumn/winter one. Why do a seasonal wardrobe swap over? It ensures you’ll only see the most seasonally appropriate pieces at the front of your wardrobe, which helps make getting dressed easier. Basically, it cuts down on clutter and confusion. It also acts as a prompt to take better care of everything in your wardrobe, encouraging a regular clean-out. So, how do you ensure that your summer fits are stored properly for next year? We're sharing five quick steps to prepping your wardrobe for the season ahead.

Step 1: Sort your clothes

Start by sorting items into piles: keep, clean, repair, donate/sell and store. Once that’s done, hang up everything you’re keeping in your closet, then work on actioning the other piles. When you get to the donate/sell pile, take a moment to look at each item individually. If you’re happy to donate or sell something, let it go, but if you’re parting ways with a classic piece solely because it no longer feels fresh, consider playing with styling to see if you can find a way to reinvent it and ultimately add it back to your capsule wardrobe.

Step 2: Thoroughly clean everything

Before packing your summer clothes away, it's important to thoroughly clean them. (This also goes for shoes, bags and other accessories.) Clothing moths and other destructive bugs feed off of everything from lint and dust to hair and pollen, so make sure every single item is properly clean and stain-free before storing it away.

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Step 3: Store your summer wardrobe

To prevent damage, you must store your clothes and accessories appropriately. Clothes can be folded and placed in vacuum bags for easy wardrobe storage. Hang special pieces in garment bags out of direct light. (Avoid hanging knitwear – it can stretch out of shape.) As insurance against mould, invest in moisture absorbers that hang in your wardrobe. Put shoes and bags in their dust bags, and store them in sealed boxes. 

Step 4: Swap in your winter wardrobe

When you're bringing out your autumn/winter pieces, you’ll ideally be able to give them a light steam or iron and pop them straight away. (If you haven’t followed the steps in this guide, know that if you do for this seasonal swap over, you’ll have a seamless wardrobe transition to look forward to next season!) If you need to, ensure everything is clean and stain-free before you pack it away, so it’s ready and waiting to be worn.

Step 5: Assess your wardrobe before you shop

Before investing in new autumn/winter pieces, assess your current wardrobe essentials. Consider what you already own and what you could add to make what you already have work a little harder. As always, when shopping it pays to focus on versatile pieces you can mix and match to create multiple outfits. This not only helps you save money over time but also ensures that you have a wardrobe that works seamlessly for you.

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