This Season's Capsule Wardrobe

This Season's Capsule Wardrobe

Our wardrobe is a reflection of who we are, our lifestyles and a constant investment in how we choose to present ourselves to the world. In a world full of fast fashion and online shopping it can be easy to fall prey to having a closet full of clothes yet finding yourself with nothing to wear. If you’re just starting out or starting fresh the key is a capsule wardrobe whereby pieces should meet three requirements for ultimate wearability; minimal, versatile and timeless.

We've put together this season's must have wardrobe capsule pieces to make all the hard work easy, these are our ultimate capsule must haves and the secret to style success.

Written by Meaghan Ford. 

A Straight Leg Jean

When it comes to investing in denim the straight leg jean with their streamlined silhouette is a building block to any wardrobe. In addition to being dressed up or down their versatility is further fuelled by their ability to be easily cuffed when compared to their flared counterparts whilst simultaneously looking relaxed and chic. If this is your first pair, a light blue wash is the ultimate starting point as this creates a palette which will build several outfits and compliments all seasons.

This Season's Capsule Wardrobe


The Perfect T-Shirt

The original premise behind the capsule wardrobe, when the term was first invented by Susie Faux in the 1970’s, was to invest in pieces that were timeless. If there is any item that will never cease to go out of fashion it is the classic tee shirt. With so many colours and cuts on the market keep it simple by reducing your selection to the magic trio of white, grey and black in a cut that suits your body type to ensure maximum wearing ability. The classic tee is not only a statement when worn on its own but the perfect transeasonal piece when layered under dresses or with knits and jackets.


This Season's Capsule Wardrobe

A Simple Slip Dress

The slip dress is so interchangeable you will find yourself wearing it on repeat. Designed with versatility in mind the styling options truly are endless. Effortlessly sleek the slip dress is a statement when worn on its own or pared with layering wardrobe pieces. Turn your slip dress into a winter skirt by simply layering a cosy knit on top and finishing the look off with an ankle boot.


This Season's Capsule Wardrobe


A Black Blazer 

If there is one item a capsule wardrobe is not complete without it's a classic black blazer which provides the finishing touch to any ensemble. With so many designs on the market it can be overwhelming when selecting the right cut. However, by opting for something sleek and minimal ensures longevity and a simply blazer will guarantee the creation of a clean and balanced silhouette.

This Season's Capsule Wardrobe

The OG Classic White Shirt

Last but not least, the hero piece of your capsule wardrobe a simple white shirt. No matter what lifestyle you live a classic white shirt will effortlessly fit in and if you pick the correct one it will instantly have impact by pairing with any item in your wardrobe. 

This Season's Capsule Wardrobe

The Hero Black Trouser

When it comes to the daily uniform the black trouser can be found in many closets and rightly so. Having never gone out of fashion it has earned its place in the capsule wardrobe. The perfect item for professionals and fashionistas alike there is a cut for every taste and shape. But traditional corporate wear doesn’t need to be confined to the office and the beauty of including black trousers in your capsule wardrobe is that they can be transformed to take you from the office to a night out through the addition of heels, bold accessories and a statement top.

This Season's Capsule Wardrobe

A Black Sandal

A versatile shoe collection is an essential component to any wardrobe and the footwear you elect to invest in should fall into multiple categories - day wear, work wear, evening wear and travel wear. Depending on your lifestyle the sandal can effortlessly fall into fifty percent or all of the aforementioned categories, boosted when selecting simple styles in black and constructed from quality materials.


This Season's Capsule Wardrobe

Black Ankle Boots

With so many boots on the market there are two factors that make this piece a key component of the capsule wardrobe- its ability to be paired with multiple garments and unlike its knee or thigh high cousins, the ankle boot is a more transeasonal piece. Being a foundation piece opt for something closed in and leave peep toe booties for spring. Lastly, opt for something minimal in terms of embellishments as this limits heaviness and will be a timeless investment.


A minimal approach to style embraces that less is more but less does not equate to limitations. A capsule wardrobe goes beyond investing in key pieces but rather is an investment in yourself, your finances and your time.


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