The Undone Woman’s Guide To Wearing Suits

The Undone Woman's Guide to Wearing Suits

There’s never been a better time to embrace this masculin-feminin wardrobe staple. Here are The UNDONE’s tips for suiting up in style.

For decades, a sharply-tailored suit has been a secret weapon in the wardrobe of the world’s best-dressed women. Think Coco Chanel, Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton and, more recently, Zoe Kravitz, Dakota Johnson and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Whether worn loose and louche during the day, or cinched-in and sexy in the evening, there is nothing more elegant and refined than a woman in a suit.

If you’re new to the world of blazers and slacks – welcome. Here at The UNDONE, we’ve long been fans of a beautifully-made and perfectly-fitted suit, and this season you’ll find options in gorgeous neutrals from brands including Michael Lo Sordo and Anna Quan.

But how should you style your new two piece? And what are some ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe, season after season after season? We share a few of our tips. 

Relaxed Suiting

Keep it loose

There’s an understated elegance to a slightly oversized suit. We love it when the blazer is roomy and relaxed and the trousers are billowing to the floor. A loose fit is all about capturing that masculin-feminin balance we’re always seeking when it comes to our wardrobe: an oversized shape keeps the styling unfussy and chilled out, leaving you more room to play when it comes to accessories.

Keep it casual

Suits might seem a little confronting at first glance. Are they too formal? Will you be able to wear them with ease? Don’t be afraid, the answer is yes especially if you keep it casual. We find that suits really benefit from adding little styling details that take the edge off tailoring’s necessarily grown up aesthetic. Like wearing a pair of sneakers with your suit, for running around doing errands during the day, or styling your suit with a plain white T-shirt, instead of a button down, and a few chunky gold chains. This will help soften the look in a way that adds to the effortless allure of a two piece.

But you can also dress it up, if you want

Then again, sometimes a girl wants to get dressed up. The beauty of a suit is that you can keep it casual during the day, with sneakers and a T-shirt, while still being able to switch seamlessly into a more formal look in the evening. All you have to do is make a few subtle tweaks to the styling. Instead of that plain T-shirt, go for a silk camisole, in contrasting shade to your suit – try creamy oyster with a chocolate brown two piece, for example, or a soft grey with classic black. Same goes for shoes. You can swap out those sneakers for a pair of heeled sandals or, depending on the vibe of the event, a pair of leather loafers. These are tiny styling switches that transform the vibe of a suit in an instant.

Try a new colour

Try a new colour

A black suit has always been highly prized as a wardrobe must-have, but have you thought about trying a different kind of tonal option? This season, we have suits in chocolate browns, cool stones and crisp whites. In fact, the white would make a fantastic wedding suit for anyone seeking an alternative option to the traditional bridal gown. And those chocolate browns and stones are the new neutrals this season, shades that will mix and match seamlessly with a monochromatic wardrobe of basics.

Go your separate ways

When buying a suit from The Undone, you purchase the components as separates. And even though you’re going to love wearing them together, don’t forget that they can be worn on their own, too. Suits are some of the most versatile things in your wardrobe, primarily because they can be broken down into tops and jackets that can be worn with other pieces, depending on the occasion. That belted Michael Lo Sordo suit jacket? Looks great cinched in over a rib-knit maxi dress and a pair of chunky sandals. And those tailored Anna Quan trousers, in the oaty colourway? Try them with a 90s-fit tank top, tucked in. We love wearing a suit as a full look, but remember that you can also break them down into separates to get double the wear, and double the bang for your buck. Which is exactly what we like to hear.


Go Your Separate Ways

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