The Silhouette We’ll Be Wearing All Spring Long

The Silhouette We’ll Be Wearing All Spring Long | The UNDONE

As spring approaches and layers peel off, the need for a look that can transition seamlessly from chilly mornings to warm days is essential: enter the off-the-shoulder silhouette. It’s rare, but every now and then a trend will evolve into a mainstay, and off-the-shoulder pieces are definitely in our list of wardrobe staples. The best part? They’re no longer strictly reserved for warm summer days. In fact, our edit of off-the-shoulder silhouettes can easily transition you from Winter to Spring.

If you keep a close eye on street style then you might have noticed some of your favourite tastemakers incorporating this sophisticated silhouette into their looks. It’s also a style making its way through runway collections in the form of fitted tops and billowy dresses.

Not sure it’s the silhouette for you? One thing we always try to think about when adding to our wardrobes is, “Will we want to wear this piece for seasons to come?” If yes, we embark on a considered journey of selecting and investing in the right item that will tick all our boxes; neutral in colour, high-quality and easy to pair back with the rest of our wardrobes. This process allows you to partake in trends but ensure the items longevity in your wardrobe.

Below are the pieces we’ll be adding to cart.

Marle Blanca Top

Marle Blanca Top | The UNDONE

Sara wears the Marle Blanca Top, Saint Classic Leather Belt and Matteau Relaxed Tailored Skirt

Harris Tapper Boah Top

Harris Tapper Boah Top | The UNDONE

Kate wears the Harris Tapper Boah Top and Matteau Relaxed Satin Pant

Anna Quan Samara Top

Anna Quan Samara Top | The UNDONE

Sara wears the Anna Quan Samara Top, Saint Classic Leather Belt and Harris Tapper Abel Trouser

Matteau Off The Shoulder Midi Dress

matteau midi off the shoulder dress | the UNDONE

Dominique Healy Louie Crop

dominique healy louie crop | the undone

Lillie wears the Dominique Healy Louie Crop and Christopher Eber Bias Trouser

Dominique Healy Louie Dress

dominique healy louie dress | the undone

Harris Tapper Boah Dress

harris tapper boah dress

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