The Secret to This Jewellery Brands Cult Status

Reliquia jewellery

Every fashion girl in Sydney has a piece of Reliquia, or at least it feels that way! This under the radar Sydney based jewellery brand, which popped up two years ago with just a few designs inspired from your favourite vintage pieces discovered by raiding your mum’s jewellery collection, is now everywhere. 

Reliquia spiral hoop earrings

Over the last couple of years whenever I’ve been starring at a friend’s earrings or necklace and end up asking where its from, I swear 9 times out of 10 the answer is Reliquia. That’s what makes this brand viral, seeing it on your friends. And when something looks that good on our friends, we want in. 

These well priced pieces are the instant win accessories that finish of an outfit. Understated, but eye catching. 

Reliquia jewellery

Two of the most loved items are the spiral hoop earrings and the gold coin necklace, with the star sign pendant quickly gaining momentum.

As we say in the office, Reliquia is the jewellery brand you can wear to the beach, to breakfast, to work, going for a walk, out to dinner and for special occasions. When you just need something to feel ‘done’ Reliquia is the answer.

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