The Reason You Might Be Finding Yourself Dressing Like Your Best Friend

Back in the day, it used to be every fashion girl’s worst nightmare: turning up at an event in the same outfit as someone else. In the endless trend cycle, where newness was prioritised above all else, there could be nothing more embarrassing than having to share the fashion limelight with somebody.

These days, though, the reality is quite different. Turning up at an event in the same brand, style, colour or even the exact same piece as your friend isn’t a nightmare. It’s the ultimate compliment. Because it’s a sign that you both have not only the same taste, but are confident enough to share that taste and those recommendations with each other. Where once, we might have been horrified to realise that we were both shopping at the same place, now we see it for what it is: proof that we are truly compatible with those nearest and dearest to our hearts.

There’s a word for this twinning. It’s when you slowly realise that after spending a lot of time with your close circle, you might find yourself adopting elements of your friends’ styles into your own wardrobe. (And it’s not only fashion where we see twinning occur, you are probably also twinning with your best friends when it comes to restaurant recommendations, reading picks, streaming favourites and recipes. Lean in!) And vice versa. We can guarantee that if you’re noticing yourself picking up bits and pieces of fashion tips from your friends, they are doing the same with you.


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The first thing to remember is that twinning is the ultimate compliment. Twinning is a sign that your friends trust and share in your taste, and hold you in the highest regard when it comes to fashion tips. If a friend asks you where you got your T-shirt from, or where you managed to find those perfect-fitting blue jeans – tell them. Back in the day, fashion insiders used to keep this knowledge close to their chest, hoarding style secrets so that they might be the only one to know them. These days, though, fashion is a much more democratic place. Sharing truly is caring, and if a friend asks you where to find a cosy black crew neck sweater just like yours, be honest and tell her the brand and where you picked it up from. Both giving and receiving a word-of-mouth recommendation for a piece of clothing is such a thrill. It feels like you’ve uncovered buried treasure.

The other thing to remember is that when you spend a lot of time with people, it’s only natural that you will be influenced by them. Don’t fight it; rather, embrace it. Have a sense of humour about those times when you turn up to the office in the same white shirt and jeans combo as your deskmate. Laugh with your best friend when you both arrive at the birthday party in a similar slip dress and chunky sandals. Dressing similarly to your friends is a mark of respect and admiration. It proves your compatibility with your nearest and dearest, and reinforces the love that they have for you – and your wardrobe.


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There may come a time where you find yourself looking for more inspiration. As with all things aesthetic, your wardrobe will go through cycles and there are periods where you will look for a refresh. Sometimes, looking at the personal style of your friends, and asking them for new brands that they have discovered or labels that they are loving is enough to reinvigorate your wardrobe for a new season.

But sometimes what you need is something completely fresh. When that happens and you want to shake things up, we recommend logging onto our Pinterest. Like all of our social media channels – from Facebook to Instagram – The UNDONE’s Pinterest is a place where we collate the pictures that inspire us, whether it’s gorgeous new pieces from some of our most beloved local brands to street style images that makes us excited to get dressed again. With boards broken up into colour tones – neutrals, monochrome and denim, for example – there is plenty of choice for when you need that jolt of fresh inspiration.

Just remember to share that inspiration with your BFF afterwards, too.

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