Take A Closer Look

Key pieces this season may feel familiar, but take a closer look as it's the detailing that makes them fresh.

We focus on the foundations from which your own style can be built on. A look at the personalised details of each piece that will give your style elevation and a contemporary edge.

Dion Lee - Quarter Frayed Open Back Shirt

Not just any shirt the Dion Lee 'Quarter Frayed Open Back Shirt' features both front and back button openings, a raw collar, stiff sleeves and fine stripe that elevates this classic white button up shirt.

Elissa McGowan - Ceramique Mini Skirt 

 Emerging Australian designer Elissa McGowan's pieces each have a special quality. Beautifully constructed from a textured Italian cotton and adorned with handmade gold-plated buttons.

Dion Lee - Tailored Coil Skirt 

A favourite in our office the Dion Lee Tailored Coil Skirt is one of those pieces that is easy to wear, for any and every occasion. With quality detailing that is subtle enough for everyday wear yet impactful for a more formal occasion.

Natasha Schweitzer - Letter Necklace 

Great personal style resides in the details. A personalised piece like the Letter Necklace from Natasha Schweitzer is something you will have forever, a sentimental piece that is classic and quietly confident. 

Dion Lee White Wash Mini Dress | The UNDONE

Dion Lee - White Wash Utility Mini Dress

Versatility is key in a functional wardrobe. Pieces that can be easily updated, worn back with multiple other pieces and across different of seasons and occasions. The White Wash Utility Dress from Dion Lee has two necklines, created when you use the clasp on the shoulder or not. For a classic navy dress, we love this versatile option.  

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