Silver Earrings

Earrings or even earring (singular) can create a sense of personality for someone who dresses simply. With statement earrings becoming a favourite amongst our customers, it's the hue of silver that's taking over from the popular gold as we move into the warmer months here in Australia. 


The UNDONE, Silver Statement earrings from By Nye

silver earrings

Earrings being easy to adopt, are moving seamlessly from the runway to real life. Women are going for paired back hair and make-up, refined but relaxed dressing and finishing the look off with statement earrings that do all the talking. 

Silver earrings By NYE

Silver statement earrings for summer at The UNDONE

While costume jewellery has long been the front runner with bold statement shapes, it's the more traditional or fine jewellers who are moving towards statement styles that have us interested. Across the board, the styles are bigger, brighter, flashier and more sculptural than ever. We look at UK jewellery designer Sara Robertsson and Australian talent By Nye for direction. 

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