New Season Shirting

The simple button-up shirt is an essential wardrobe item, but this season's fresh approach heightens the classic style. An evolution that has come with a focus on exaggerated sleeves, re-constructed openings and acute attention to detail.

Here's how to wear the new shirting styles in a new way, featuring the latest pieces from Anna Quan, Dion Lee, KITX and Ellery. 

Shirting Anna Quan at The UNDONE


How to style the new shirting Styling Anna Quan Shirting off the shoulder

The simple styling of wearing the Anne Shirt from Anna Quan off one shoulder is subtle yet effortlessly cool.

Style Tip: Ensure the collar is sitting well and is streamlined around the shoulder.

Wearing: Anna Quan Anne Shirt

 How to fold and tuck shirting anna quan

Playing with the fold, tuck or tie. 

Step One:
Start with an open shirt, take one arm out fold the collar underneath your underarm and do up one button.

Step Two:
Leave the next button undone, and do up the other buttons running down the shirt. 

Step Three:
In the hole you left with the button that's not done up pull the hanging sleeve through and tuck into your pants or skirt. 

Alternatively you could do up the second button you originally left open, undo the bottom few buttons at the bottom to tie the hanging sleeve with as a knot.

Wearing: Anna Quan Anne Shirt 

Open back Dion Lee shirt The UNDONEDion Lee open back shirt from The UNDONE

For no-fuss styling, pick pieces with in-built versatility and edge. This open back shirt from Dion Lee can be worn done up or left open at the front and back. 

Wearing: Dion Lee Quarter Frayed Shirt 

Ellery Tightly Bound Shirt

Ellery shirt

The Ellery Tightly Bound Shirt is luxurious, detailed and a timeless piece to call on for years to come. Wear as the name alludes and tightly bind the crossed ties for a regimented look, or undo and leave open for less tailored approach.

Wearing: Ellery Tightly Bound Shirt

the half tuck anna quan shirting at the undone

Leave the last few buttons undone and tuck in one side. Simple and perfect. 

Wearing: Anna Quan Anne Shirt and Anna Quan Katharine Shirt

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