Introducing new designer Sara Robertsson, a Swedish namesake brand that handcrafts pieces from silver only. Speaking with the designer about how the brand formed, her personal influences and the women who wear her pieces.

Sara Robertsson The UNDONE

QUESTION ONE:  How did you get into making jewellery and what was the inspiration to start your own jewellery label?

It was definitely a gradual process, I had an MA in womenswear from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, and was working with clothes at Swedish brand WEEKDAY when I got the opportunity to become the designer for the Accessories, including jewellery, there. And it was love at first sight. I decided to also learn the craft behind and a few years later when I moved back full time to my hometown Malmö (Sweden) the idea of my own line grew. Working with jewellery and silver and longer lasting shapes struck a chord inside me and I just felt so at home. At that point it was a very natural step for me.


QUESTION TWO: Talk us through the inspiration for the Silk collection?  

The inspiration comes from draping and the flow of fabric. Having a background as a womenswear designer, draping has been a method I’ve enjoyed very much and I wanted to bring that into jewellery making. I use both draping and pattern construction when creating the pieces and have been inspired both more specifically by ’classics’ like flounces, and also in a wider sense, by the draping technique itself.

Sara Robertsson JewelleryQUESTION THREE: How do Botanics play a role in your work? 

I am simply very inspired by nature and the shapes in nature, and growing things is also a big part of my personal life. Although a minimalist, I find that minimalism often needs an organically shaped element or twist to be truly interesting. I often refer to my work as ’organic minimalism’.

QUESTION FOUR: What type of woman wears your pieces? 

I would love them to be kindhearted, down to earth, sharp minded and dedicated. 

Sara Robertsson The UNDONEQUESTION FIVE: What inspires you? 

A lot of things; nature, sculpture, interior design, dance, music. But most of all just being in the process and finding rhythm, elegance, off-beat and dynamics in a shape.

QUESTION SIX Who is your muse? 

I don’t have one. There are simply so many inspiring people out there and they inspire me all in different ways. If I would have to say one, I think it would be german choreographer and dancer Pina Bausch. There is something both so primal and simple yet elegant and graceful in her work that to me is simply irresistible. 

Sara Robertsson Jewellery

QUESTIONS SEVEN: How would you describe your personal style? 

Very simple and basic and preferably loose-fitted, with focus on good quality fabrics and earthy tones. I add extravagance and variation through shoes, and of course, jewellery. But in a dream-world I would wear a silk robe all day long ;)


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