5 Reasons Why Switching to a Neutral Wardrobe Will Change Your Life

How A Wardrobe of Neutrals Will Change Your Life | The UNDONE

When we stumbled upon exclusively dressing in neutrals over a decade ago, we discovered that getting dressed became easier, feeling good in our clothes became a lot more common, and the clincher, we saved a LOT of money avoiding clothes that simply don’t last the distance. Adapting to a neutral wardrobe sounds a bit extreme, but trust us, you won't look back.

So what’s a neutral?

We define neutrals as your natural, earthy tones which include black, white, grey and brown, but we also like to include navy and shades of green like deep forest leafy greens and khaki.

Here are 5 reasons to adopt a neutral wardrobe, and why it’ll change your life.

1. Neutrals are Timeless

You can pull a neutral (black, white, grey, brown) out of your wardrobe now, 5 years from now, or 20 years from now and it will still be relevant. Timeless in nature, they lend themselves to being the best investments in your wardrobe. 

2. More Outfit Combinations

Neutrals may have a reserved connotation, but they're actually the most social pieces in your wardrobe and want and can be worn with virtually everything else in your closet. Due to their ability to be styled with the majority of other colours and tones, your outfit options multiply, allowing you to get the most out of your wardrobe. 

How A Wardrobe of Neutrals Will Change Your Life | The UNDONE

3. Getting Dressed and Putting Outfits Together Becomes Easier and More Enjoyable.

Forget that feeling of having nothing to wear, now you have everything to wear. Everything you try on works, how about that. Fall back in love with your wardrobe and personal style by creating a functional wardrobe of pieces that all work together. 

4. You can hit repeat on your favourite pieces more often

Don't take this in a bad way, but people won't notice if you wear your favourite black jumper multiple days in a row, but guess what, if it was a purple and yellow print, they'll notice. By adopting a neutral wardrobe you'll find yourself wearing your favourite clothes more, and we're big fans of loving, wearing and re-wearing the clothes you own. 

5. You'll Buy Less, But Better

With a wardrobe a neutrals you'll end up with a lot more outfit combinations and won't have that same urge to constantly buy new things to create new looks. Instead, you'll be taking your time to find the very best black trouser, or tan trench coat or black sandal, slowly working through your list of wardrobe essentials that will last the distance. 


How A Wardrobe of Neutrals Will Change Your Life | The UNDONE

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