Outfit Formulas That Always Work

Outfit Formulas That Work

We've put together 4 of our tried and tested outfit formulas that we know always work, utilising pieces straight out of our capsule wardrobes.

Outfit Formulas:

A fitted tank tucked into tailored trousers with an open shirt worn as a light layering option over the top

A classic white shirt buttoned up and worn loosely over matching white denim

An essential white t-shirt tucked into blue denim and layered with a blazer

A minimal dress that never dates, worn with our favourite jewellery to elevate

Save these for when you find yourself staring aimlessly into your wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear, and thank us later!

A tank with trousers and a loose shirt

Products (L-R): Avril Top, Classic Pocket Shirt, Corfu Sandal, Hungry Baby Snake Polished Earrings, Classic Belt, Summer Chino


All white shirt and denim

Products (L-R): High Rise Stove Pipe Straight Leg Jean, Large Tote, Beau Sandal, Classic Pocket Shirt, DNA Necklace


A blazer and jeans

Products (L-R): DNA Bracelet, Relaxed Tailored Blazer, Mini Tote, Classic Tee, High Rise Stove Pipe Straight Leg Jean


Minimal Dress and Jewellery

Products (L-R): Linen Bias Dress, Mini Basket Bag, Beau Sandal, Classic Hoops 001

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