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RE/DONE High Rise Stove Pipe


Diving deeper into our ‘Essential Wardrobe’ our denim drawer is a go-to all year round. Jeans go with everything, and these days, excluding formal events, can be worn to pretty much any occasion.

But the reality is we don’t need too many pairs, once you find your ideal shape and fit it’s about ticking off the key colours, and in our opinion these are a classic blue, black and white.

So, the big question is, how do you find the right style for you? Well, going by the denim industry, there seems to be a million option combinations to choose from, rigid vs comfort stretch, mid-rise vs high rise, distressed vs classic, full length vs cropped, and then you have all the leg shape options; straight, skinny, wide, bell bottom, flare, boot-cut, and boyfriend.


RE/DONE High Rise Stove Pipe


It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But just like our approach with everything it’s about focusing on the pieces you’re going to get maximum wearability out of while making you feel your best.

For that reason we don’t invest too much into distressed denim, preferring a classic jean with minimum to no rips and tears. One of the most classic styles that suits pretty much everyone is the high rise straight leg jean, and we’ve found the perfect variation by American denim label RE/DONE with their 70’s High Rise Stove Pipe jean. Technically a Stove Pipe shape is a slightly wider version of a straight leg, which we actually prefer as some straight leg styles an still feel a bit too ‘skinny’ for our liking.



High Rise Stove Pipe


Originally inspired by the cult favourite Levi’s 501, the ultimate classic jean, and the first blue jean ever, you read that right, ever, RE/DONE started their business by resizing vintage mens 501 jeans. Since beginning the label in 2014, and originally under the name RE/DUN they’ve extended the brand further with their own ‘original’ jeans and womens apparel. The vintage element of the business is still there but with the growth of the brand alongside the movement of shopping online, creating a product that is universal allows customers to know exactly what they’re buying, which we love.

We are big fans of finding a style you love and then buying it in a couple of different colours, it’s a style rule that stays true and is the ultimate tried-and-tested testament.

Shop one of our favourite classic jeans, the RE/DONE high rise stove pipe jean online now. 


RE/DONE High Rise Stove Pipe

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