New Year's Style Resolution


New Year's Style Resolution

The start of a new year, for some reason or another makes people feel like they can start off on a clean slate, get healthy, be more organised or perhaps even get their style to a point where it reflects who they want to be.

Have you ever had the feeling that you want to sell everything you own and start all over again? Or perhaps do a major cull and only keep the items you actually wear? You’re not alone. It’s amazing how much stuff we acquire that we don’t need, wear and doesn't make us feel good.

If you’ve been feeling this way for a while, then why not make January the month to re-evaluate your wardrobe.

New Year's Style Resolution | The UNDONE

Remember, having an overflowing wardrobe does not equal amazing style.

More often than not an overflowing wardrobe of the latest ‘it’ pieces, hottest trends and must have designer items can in fact make us feel like we have absolutely nothing to wear, and is one of the most frustrating situations we can find ourselves in, especially if you’re already running late and have worked yourself up into a fluster. Been there, it’s the worst.

new years style resolution | The UNDONE

So why is it that having so much stuff makes feels like you have nothing at all? The answer is actually quite simple.

The most amazing outfits, in our rule book, are constructed around one hero piece and paired back with non competing, but complementary items that let that hero piece shine. If you have a wardrobe full of heroes, how do even begin to construct an outfit if you don’t have the building blocks to connect these hero items? Ie, the basics.

new years style resolution | The UNDONE

It's the 80/20 at its best. 20% of your wardrobe is going to be worn 80% of the time, invest in that 20% and make sure your basics are covered. 

Make January the time to go through your wardrobe, strip it down to its core, and reflect on what you want to be wearing in 2018.



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