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Undone activewear with Kaitlyn Ham Modern Legacy

Our activewear wardrobe very much reflects the rest of our style. You won't find any patterned leggings in our rotation, instead we like to opt for a base of black, mixing in whites, greys and perhaps even some navy and khaki if we're feeling adventurous. 

Someone who understands is likeminded minimalist Kaitlyn Ham from Modern Legacy. We chat to Kaity to on her go-to workout routine and if she wears her gym gear when she's not working out.


 Undone activewear with Kaitlyn Ham from Modern Legacy

What’s your go-to workout and why do you love it?

My go-to workout for years now has been Lagree fitness - a workout aptly described as “Pilates on crack” and performed on a machine known as the Megaformer.

I usually take four classes a week at Physicore in Paddington and Surry Hills, and have also tried the new Lagree Fitness in Double Bay as well. I love the Lagree method as it’s really high intensity and sweat-inducing but is low impact and based on Pilates-style moves, meaning it’s strength training that focuses on flexibility and function so you get that tone without the bulk that some other high-intensity weighted workouts can give you.

That’s the physical side, but the mental aspect is what has been most beneficial for me. I find it strangely meditative to be able to focus on a workout that is physically quite intense, as it takes you out of your own mind and forces you to focus on the here and now. I have found the mental strength I have gained from this method of fitness the most rewarding of all. All credit to The UNDONE founder Sara for introducing me back in the day. 

 Undone activewear with Kaitlyn Ham from Modern Legacy

What do you typically wear to workout in? 

Typically my workout outfits are all black (no surprises there) and quite form-fitting. It’s really important to be able to judge your form in the classes I take so loose-fitting clothing doesn’t really cut it most of the time.

I will usually opt for high-waisted black tights with a matching crop top or bra and will just throw an oversized sweatshirt or jacket over the top with some sneakers to and from home. Plus a good pair of sunglasses to hide my tired eyes seeing as I usually hit the early morning classes.


Undone activewear with Kaitlyn Ham from Modern Legacy

Do you ever wear activewear when you’re not working out and what’s your stance on this?

I definitely wear my activewear post-workout grabbing breakfast or the like and if this happens to roll into wearing it for much of the day then so be it, however I will generally only wear it if I have actually worked out beforehand.

It’s not so much an automatic throw on outfit for me as I tend to feel just as comfortable in a pair of jeans or loose dress so I won’t rely on it too often.

I am however all for getting as much mileage from your wardrobe as possible so mixing activewear back with everyday pieces like blazers, knits and oversized shirts is never out of the question, especially for travel. To each their own!


Kaitlyn wears: PE Nation crop top, PE Nation Leggings, PE Nation jacket

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