How The Fashion Crowd
Are Styling Jackets For 2018

Jackets are the second safest investment piece one can fork out for (first being denim, obviously) - but with the highly directional '80s influence on this seasons outerwear, finding pieces that will go the distance can be difficult. 

With the '80s trend in full swing, creativity in the street style circuit has been off the charts. While minimalism and '80s seem like they exist on opposite ends of the spectrum, power shoulders, oversized denim and contrasting materials were utilised in notably paired down ensembles this year.

The result? Endless outfit inspiration where wearability isn't sacrificed. 

This is how minimalists will be styling outerwear for the coming year, without forgoing the major trends of the season. 


As of late, the fashion zeitgeist has been all about opposites attracting - notable examples include formal dresses worn over casual denim, classic shirting given playfully exaggerated cuffs and and simple hoop earrings elevated with bold detailing.

This juxtaposition of styling has been fully embraced by street style stars, who were seen pairing patent leather trench coats with casual denim. For an effortless approach, try pairing this light and luxe silk relaxed trench coat by Michael Lo Sordo with straight leg denim


Now that spring is nearly upon us, it's time to trade in bulky outerwear for something a little lighter. The silky anorak by Christopher Esber is perfect for the cold mornings and warmer afternoons that accompany the early weeks of Spring.

Paired with a breezy midi skirt, this ensemble strikes the perfect balance of casual and dressy, and can transition between the two states easily with a simple change of footwear. 


This classic checked blazer has been an workwear staple for years, but the oversized shoulders and cinched in waist rendition of the classic style gives it a fresh, trend focused appeal.

The Void Blazer from New Zealand designer, Georgia Alice can be styled in both a professional manner or dressed down with denim. The subtly oversized shoulder pads give the style a modern twist while the slim sleeves and tailored silhouette guarantee staying power. 


Denim jackets already have a boyish nonchalance, and the added volume of an oversized piece gives the impression that it was stolen directly from your boyfriend.

Paired with trousers to give your outfit a slightly undone appeal, or juxtaposed with a feminine dress (like the Christopher Esber Saddle Dress pictured above or a slip dress) gives your ensemble a cool gritty-pretty effect. 


Pic Credits: Style Du Monde

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