Introducing SLVRLAKE

Introducing SLVRLAKEWe are so excited to introduce SLVRLAKE to The UNDONE. The LA based brand will be your new go-to denim brand, committed to using the highest quality materials to create premium denim that is built to stand the test of time, with streamlined cuts and no distressing or logos, all made ethically and sustainably in Los Angeles.

We spoke with the brand’s co-founders Louise and Gary Edgley about the gap they wanted to fill by starting SLVRLAKE, their golden rules of design, and how they create the perfect pair of jeans.

How did you both start out in the fashion industry?

We’ve both worked in fashion in several different capacities over our careers… Louise worked in fashion retail, wholesale sales and marketing roles… and Gary worked wholesales sales and buying and merchandising, and brand director roles.

Being in the fashion industry and more specifically denim for many years, you have seen a lot of brands evolve and develop over the years. What were the main mistakes you were seeing from other brands and the gap you saw and wanted to fill with SLVRLAKE?

When we started, we just felt there was a real lack of true quality and craftsmanship in the premium denim space. Most brands had moved production offshore and you could see a genuine drop in quality and standards. We wanted to create products that truly lived by a premium standard. We work only with the finest quality fabrics, all made ethically and sustainably in Los Angeles.

Introducing SLVRLAKE

Committed to creating timeless denim, what are some of the golden rules you adhere to during your design process?

Quality in everything we do is first and foremost, most importantly starting with fabric. We use the finest quality fabrics you can find anywhere in the world, and you can see it in the end product.

Most importantly, everything must feel very natural… nothing can feel contrived or overdone. We’re not really interested in the latest trends; we’re just focused on making the best jeans you can find anywhere

Los Angeles has become a hub for denim production. What drove you to produce SLVRLAKE in LA?

We originally moved to LA to work for other companies, but it became clear quickly that neither of us truly believed in what we were making so after time we felt it was inevitable that we had to create our own.

We love a clean, minimal jean and it sounds like you do too. Why is it so hard to create the perfect pair of jeans?

Making the ideal jean to us is about finding the perfect balance between art and science. There are certain parts that you must be completely meticulous and precise with, especially when creating that perfect fit…. Balanced out with an artistic feeling in creative true natural feeling vintage washes. You can’t have one without the other.

How long did it take you to perfect your best-known jeans, the London?

We spend a lot of time testing and fitting to make sure our fits are perfect. Our signature London high rise straight leg was the first fit we ever created and it’s still our most popular today.

What would you say has been the worst denim trend you’ve witnessed over the years?

Tough one! There are probably a few we all look back on and cringe

Introducing SLVRLAKE

What’s your favorite denim wash?

That’s a tough question, they’re all our babies! It changes throughout the year; at the moment I really love our SALT FLATS true vintage wash. We’re meticulous in making our washes look and feel like you’ve worn them in yourself for years and years. Salts Flats was inspired by the dusty salt plains of Death Valley in Northern California

A detail, or rather a lack of detail we appreciate is the absence of the back branding tag. What made you decide not to have a brand patch on the back of the jeans?

We just decided that we didn’t need it… we wanted the product to be simple and clean. We’re not about logos… the quality of the fabric, the craftsmanship of the production, and the depth and detail of our washes all speak for themselves.

What does your dream capsule wardrobe look like?

We like clean classic timeless pieces all round. A classic white tee, a simple clean blazer or jacket. These things never go out of fashion.

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