Introducing Peony Swim

Introducing Peony Swim

There is a whole lot more than meets the eye to this new swimwear label. They're creating beautiful swimwear while cleaning up the ocean at the same time with their sustainable fabrication and processes. 

We chat to designer Becky Morton on her career change, sustainability and her favourite beach spots. 

We love that you gave up a high stress, high demand job as a criminal lawyer that wasn’t making you happy and then started peony, a swimwear brand based in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. How has this reassessment on pursuing happiness impacted your life and business? 

Deciding to follow my passion has totally transformed my life. I genuinely believe that peony is exactly where I am meant to be and I feel very grateful to enjoy my work on a daily basis. In saying that, having a double degree in law and business has given me a strong foundation for running a business so if I had my chance again I would do it all the same.

In regards to leaving behind the high stress, I wish that was the case! The truth is running my own business is equally if not more stressful but the stresses are different and there is a freedom there which I cherish.


Peony Swim

Since launching in 2012 peony has continued to gained momentum, what sets Peony Swim apart from other swimwear brands? 

I never set out to make peony an overnight success. We’re here for the long haul. Over the last 5 years we have grown with our customer, we’re not just creating a product, we are creating a world that she is a part of. We have a very clear understanding of who our girl is, we don’t deviate from this, and I believe this is why she comes back to us, despite all the noise, season on season.


Tell us about your new sustainable fabric that’s launching this season. How is it made, what is it made from, and how does it compare to regular swimsuit material?  

Sure! Our new sustainable fabric is made by regenerating discarded materials, such as fishing net recovered from the ocean floor. The process stars with nylon waste rescue, the waste is then regenerated by Econyl through depolymerisation and then transformed into textile yarn which is woven or knitted into fabric in Italy.

Our new sustainable fabrics are stronger, more durable, with increased shape retention and longevity, bringing you superior quality swimwear that’s good for your soul.


Introducing Peony Swim

What encouraged you to make the switch and start incorporate sustainable fabric into the collection and DNA of Peony Swim? 

This transition is a very natural progression for our boutique brand. It’s been in the pipeline for over 12 months and stemmed from a genuine care and love for the natural environment. We want to feel good about what we do every day and once we started talking to our customers we knew it was something they wanted too.


Only a part of the collection is using this new fabric, is the goal one day to make the entire collection from this fabric?

Our spring collection is made up of 50% recycled and sustainable swimwear styles. Beyond this, we are also proud that 80% of our fabrications meet Standard 100 by Oeko Tex (in short this means that the fabrics are much more gentle on the environment). We feel this is a very strong place to start from. In the long term, we aim to transition entirely to sustainable fabrications.


Introducing Peony Swim

What is your favourite beach in Australia and what do you love about it? 

I feel very emotionally connected to Wategos in Byron and Little Cove in Noosa. Growing up, my family holidayed here regularly and I have so many memories of my three sisters and I running from beach to pool endlessly during summer holidays, while our parents watched on, drink in hand.


What does being Undone mean to you? 

To me, being undone means being true to yourself and listening to your own unique sensibilities.

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