Introducing NICO


Introducing NICO

It's hard to find a brand that's as good as it looks, ethically and sustainably good. 

Underwear is the piece of clothing that sits the closest to our bodies, and so when thinking of sustainability and choosing the right brands to bring into our homes and lives, underwear is a great place to start.

Luckily for us, Lis Harvey, the founder of Nico Underwear has done all the hard work for us. Creating the perfect basic range of sustainable top draw essentials since 2012, and has the ethical certifications prove it.

Using the softest fabric you wont believe until its in your hands, we know you'll fall in love with this new label. 


Sustainability in fashion is now super on trend, but you started Nico way before the masses were on board. What drove you to hone in on this niche back in 2012 and make a stand on producing only ethically made underwear?

When I started NICO, I had no intention of being a brand that was focussed on sustainability - I just wanted to make nice underwear! More and more though as I started to develop our supply chains I became aware of some of the poor practices that were a big part of the fashion industry. At this stage it was my personal ethics that kicked in and really shaped our direction going forward. There was no way I was comfortable starting a business that was consciously exploiting people or damaging the environment.

Introducing NICO

Nico is noted as Australia’s first ethical underwear brand, how does that make you feel?

It’s something we’re really proud of and also something that’s really important to me personally. NICO is about so much more than just selling a product and the rapport that we have with our community is something that means so much to me and adds a whole lot of value to my life.

Why is ethical, environmentally friendly underwear so important?

Our intimates are worn so closely to our bodies and it’s so important that these garments live up to the standards we hold for the rest of our wardrobes. Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified which means that not only are they kinder to the environment, they are guaranteed to be free from any toxic dyes or chemicals.

Introducing NICO

We are in love with the Nico modal blend fabric, how long did it take to create the fabrication and how did you go about sourcing such a ethical and sustainable fabric?

When we were searching for a fabric for our Basics range I knew I wanted something that was comfortable to wear and also kind to the environment. When I came across Modal it was actually a really quick and easy choice because it was so perfect! The company who makes the fibres - Lenzing - are so progressive and doing amazing things in the field of sustainability in fashion. Plus it’s just so soft and lovely to wear - like I can’t even describe how comfortable it is!

Introducing NICO

What is the best way to take care of your underwear?

Hand washing is always the best option to protect the fabric and elastics but if you don’t have time (who does!) washing them in a lingerie wash bag will also make a huge difference in helping them to last longer.

What is your favourite Nico Underwear style? 

I’m such a fan of the Triangle Bra. It’s a really classic silhouette which can look great under a sheer top and it’s just so comfortable and easy to wear. I had a baby earlier this year and have actually found it to be an amazing nursing bra too - super versatile!

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