The UNDONE welcomes Australian designed and made brand, Matin (pronounced Ma-Tan)

The name Matin comes from the French noun meaning (a) Period of time between midnight and noon, esp. from sunrise to noon (b) The beginning of day
(c) sunrise; daybreak; dawn (d) the earliest period; "the morning of the world". 

Matin's design philosophy is centred on wearability, giving each piece a transeasonal appeal and relaxed silhouette.

A classic aesthetic where 
ease & understated elegance are key. 

Matin Square Neck Dress White Linen The UNDONE

Matin Australian Designer Brand from The UNDONE

Matin Square Neck Silk Black Singlet Top from The UNDONE

Australian designer brand Matin, style by The UNDONE

Matin V neck linen dress in black from The UNDONE


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