Interview with Amalie & Cecilie Moosgaard, Designers of Lié Studio Jewellery

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It’s no doubt Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard look a little familiar, they’re the stylish Danish twins all over our Pinterest and IG saved folder for the effortless ‘less is more’ style.

After working in the modelling world for the last seven years, and being the face of other designer’s creative vision, they’re now in the driver's seat, creating and launching Lié Studio this year. The jewellery brand is designed for those that ironically don't wear much jewellery, but those that are looking for classic pieces they can incorporate as part of their uniform. You’re speaking our language.

We chat to Amalie and Cecilie to find out more about their new venture, their approach to style and try to find out the secret to that Danish effortless polished style.

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

We started out back in 2015, so quite some years ago now, when we were lucky enough to get the chance to walk the Prada SS16 show exclusively in Milan. We had only just turned 16 then, so the fashion world was completely new to us. We spent the next couple of years trying to juggle our teenage life with school and the world of fashion while travelling all over.

What was the moment you both decided to create Lié Studio, had you been thinking about it for a while?

We officially launched LIÉ in November of last year, but for a long time had the thought of creating something ourselves. Since being in the fashion industry, we have always thought of creating something ourselves, but we have always been surrounded by others vision in fashion. So, when we were met with the opportunity to do something ourselves, we went for it. We wanted to do something that expressed who we truly are, and not what other designers saw.

Interviews with the designers of Lie Studios jewellery

From concept to launch, how long did that process take. Can you share the highs and lows of designing, manufacturing and creating the brand? How do you both split your roles in the business?

The concept started a year before launch, so the process was approximately a year long. There were many highs and lows throughout the entire process. We are young female entrepreneurs with a background in modelling and a university degree in business on the side-line, so there was lots of learning by doing, and there still is, as we grow our company.

However, we have from the start surrounded ourselves with the most amazing team and people who have made the whole experience an incredible journey. We have also been fortunate to always have each other, and we have always had a shared vision and idea of how we saw LIÉ Studio come to life and evolve.

Our continuous talks and shared thoughts have made the journey a really natural one, but there were lots of highs and lows, and there are so many unforeseen troubles when you start a company, so the support we have had from each other and our amazing team have been indispensable.

Personally for the two of us, we have a really natural workflow between us, and we know exactly when to give an extra hand or step back, which I just believe comes from being so close over so many years and having worked together professionally for many years. We always say that our relationship is similar to an old married couple; that by the end of the day we know exactly what each other are thinking just by looking at each other.

The brand is named Lié Studios from the last three letters of both your first names, which is a beautiful yet subtle connection. Was it hard to decide on the name?

We were struggling so much with the name. We didn’t want it to be something obvious with us being sisters and especially twin sisters, but it is undoubtedly a big part of our whole brand. It was actually our colleague who came up with the idea of using the last 3 letters of our name and adding an apostrophe over the E, which gave us LIÉ, which translates to intertwined, bound bye, related etc., which we found was very fitting.

We love that you created the brand for those that aren’t necessarily jewellery devotees, tell me more about your connection with jewellery and how it plays a role in your personal style.

We have never worn lots of jewellery and stacked our rings and worn several chains. So when we created LIÉ we were at first incredibly sceptical about creating jewellery, so we wanted to do it differently and create a small collection of jewellery that we would wear every day. Our mission has always been to design jewellery that is limitless in its expression; regardless of clothes, seasons, and occasions, we want our pieces to complement every outfit, and something that you would continuously wear every day. Our pieces are therefore very pared back and we emphasise less on trends and more on effortless jewellery pieces that stay with you for a lifetime.

Interview with the designers of Lie Studios jewellery

We love the content and editorial shoots you create for the brand, are you loving being on the other side of the production lens? You must have learnt so much from your experience as models, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt when creating content?

Thank you so much! We have been overwhelmed with the great response we have gotten on our content. For us the goal was always to create something that felt real, and that the pictures and videos felt as if you just saw someone walking past you on the streets that inspired you. It’s fun but different being on the other side of the production lens, but is has given us such a nice perspective on both sides of the lens. I think our biggest lesson we have learnt when creating content, is to just be your natural self. It gives the most authentic pictures, that we personally adore.

How would you describe each other's style? What are the differences between each other's style?

We like to think that we have different styles, but we have to admit it is very similar. We are both uniform dressers, so we both wear the same things over and over again and prefer to invest in good pieces that will stay with us for many years. So I guess our style is minimalistic, comfortable and timeless.

What’s your favourite go-to outfit or uniform you turn to?

Blue thrifted Levi’s and a white shirt or t-shirt. And then preferably a long wool coat worn with black boots or ballerinas depending on the weather.

What are the wardrobe essentials you think everyone should own?

Probably the same as above. Blue jeans, white shirt, white t-shirt, long wool coat, black boots and black ballerina flats. 

What’s your advice on creating an effortless yet polished look?

Always stick to your gut. No need to overdo it. Simple, classic pieces can be so underrated. Investing in good materials and closet staples is never a bad idea. We believe effortless looks come from just trusting yourself and having confidence in yourself. 

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