Australian designer Natasha Schweitzer's handmade pieces are changing the way we approach the everyday wearability of statement
jewellery, each design showing restraint, a refined form and impeccable execution.

As one of the first designers on board for the launch of The UNDONE we spoke to the namesake designer about her early memories,
creativity and where her business ventured from.

Natasha Schweitzer in conversation for The UNDONE


Your mum is also a jewellery designer, what is your earliest memory of her making jewellery?

Visiting my mothers busy workshop with my younger sister Alex was a regular occurrence, so it's really hard to pinpoint. I do remember her making charms for this little bracelet that Alex and I had as kids. The little pyramid was my favourite!


How do you think being self-taught or mentored by your mum growing up has impacted on your approach as a designer?

My designs are certainly influenced by mum’s aesthetic, but I was a very independent person from a young age. I always knew what I liked, and have had many disagreements with mum over designs. It took her a while to come around to the single earring idea!


What was the first piece of jewellery you ever made?

I made a little silver loop bracelet when I was about 9. It took me nearly two days, but I thought it was fantastic.


What is your most valued piece in your personal jewellery collection today?

A gold ring that mum made for my grandmother in the late 70’s. It has emeralds, need I say more?


What is the most enjoyable part of the creative process?

The very first time I get to see and wear a new design. It’s truly the best feeling!


Who would you most love to see wearing your pieces?

Cher. I love Cher.

Natasha Schweitzer The UNDONE


How did you go from that organic creative process to then setting up a business?

I really believe that business is an art, so I sort of see the two as one. I never create a piece without thinking of my clients, or the wearability of each piece. From day one I knew that I wanted to compete with the international market, because I really felt that my designs were unlike anything being created at the time.


You’re about* to open a shop-front in Brisbane, was that always on the cards for the brand after starting out online?

Yes absolutely! I have worked in fashion-retail since I was 14 so it completely made sense for me. I love people, I love my clients! I can’t stand being trapped in our head office all day long.


What's been the most rewarding part of starting your own business? And the most challenging?

The most rewarding part - Seeing people from all over the world wearing my pieces. The most challenging part - Undoubtedly missing out on time with family and friends. Running a business truly comes with enormous responsibility, and a lot of sacrifice.


What is your outlet? How do you like to relax?

Meditation and exercise. I switch between boxing, and (my favourite) Lagree with my trainer Tara - she is incredible. I do this for my mental strength more than anything, it has completely transformed my life. Oh and reading!!!!

* Natasha has opened the Natasha Schewitzer flag ship store on James St, Brisbane since this interview was conducted
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