How We Wear Our Jewellery

How We Wear Our Jewellery

The jewellery we wear is an extension of ourselves. It becomes so much more than metals that have been melted into shapes. It represents loved ones or important milestones in our life. It makes a statement about our style, whether it be bold and loud or effortless and refined. We wear it because it makes us feel confident or just because we like the sound it makes when we walk. 

The way we wear our jewellery is individual. It’s different for every person.

That’s why we have enlisted the most stylish people we know to find out how they wear their jewellery.


How We Wear Our Jewellery


Christie Tyler

Are you a silver or gold person? And what made you decide on your metal?

Though I definitely lean more towards gold, I have been trying to mix it up lately and do both. I love the look of gold and silver rings mixed and stacked on top of one another. I think I lean more toward gold because it is timeless--silver, at least to me, has a certain edge to it that I feel like I can't pull off. Gold makes you look sunkissed too!

What is your MVP - the jewellery piece you wear most often.

I always wear 2 simple, gold chain bracelets, I never take them off, and then stacked gold rings are a must.

How do you store your jewellery? is it hidden away in dust bags or on display to be adorned?

Oh mine is definitely displayed! I love the look of jewelry against marble so that is where I display all my necklaces and earrings. I also have a large clam shell that holds other precious jewels. I'm such a jewelry hoarder that it needs to be displayed or else it would end up bunched together in my closet.

What do you think about when choosing your next pieces of jewellery?

Since I have such a collection, I always try to find a piece that is different and that isn't like something I already have. I love unique modern shapes and clean lines. Any jewelry piece that just looks different is a must.

If you could only wear one piece of jewellery for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A simple, gold band on my index finger. Something timeless and elegant.


How We Wear Our Jewellery

Ilona Hamer
@Ilona_Hamer@Matteau.Swim / @UnconditionalMagazine

Are you a silver or gold person? And what made you decide on your metal?
Gold. Always and forever. My mum wore gold and silver was just never an option. It works on my yellow based skin tone so much more than silver.

What is your MVP - the jewellery piece you wear most often

I have a few pieces I never take off. My Tiffany diamond pendant, Cartier Panthere watch and diamond wedding band, and then there are the very personal pieces - a signet ring from my parents for my 21st, a gold bangle for my 16th birthday I've never gone a day without. My engagement ring from my husband that was made for his mother by an artist and is truly one of a kind :) and I have another necklace with a little collection of charms I have put to rest for this summer but I love and adore that one.

Do you have a less is more or more is more approach to jewellery?

I have my everyday staples I never take off, and then I add as I feel depending where I'm going and what im wearing. I will swap out my smaller sleeper hoops for a large pair of Paloma Picasso for Tiffany hoops, or I layer another necklace or pendant. But it's always about how I feel and where I want to focus. I never do two bigger pieces at once.

How do you take care of your jewellery? Do you take it off at night or does it never leave your person?

My everyday peices I don't take off. Only my watch to sleep/shower :)

What are your thoughts on mixing metals?

I actually love seeing people mix gold and silver. I did that for the last issue of Unconditonal on Lauren Hutton. If you can pull it off and the pieces have similar weight I think go for it. But it has to be more personal and YOUR mix.


How We Wear Our Jewellery
Brooke Testoni
@BrookeTestoni / @RylanStudio 

Are you a silver or gold person?

I wear gold jewellery everyday without fail. I experimented with both metals growing up however loved the warmed tone of gold and feel it works back well with lighter hair.

What is your MVP - the jewellery piece you wear most often?

Apart from my wedding rings, my vintage sovereign necklace (from my Mother in Law) is the piece I wear the most.

Do you have any vintage or antique pieces you cherish?

Apart from the sovereign, I have a collection of vintage and antique jewellery that I have collected through out the years - especially earrings. I have a chunky antique pair of gold earrings that I found on my honeymoon in Italy. These would be my most cherished piece as they bring back such fond memories.

Are there any pieces on your wishlist?

Yes - always. This pair of statement gold earrings from By NYE, this handmade necklace from new Australian designer Suro and I am going to jump on the pearl trend.

Do you have any quirks when styling your jewellery?

When it comes to styling jewellery, I don’t think you should really follow any rules. Jewellery adds personality to outfits. I go from wearing just a pair of earrings with a simple classic dress, to going OTT layering numerous necklaces and bracelets plus earrings. I think the only thing I don’t do is wear silver and gold together. Gold all the way!

How We Wear Our Jewellery
Hayley Bonham
@Hayley_Bonham / @laporte_space 

Are you a silver or gold person? And what made you decide on your metal?

I love gold jewellery, there is something quite chic about gold that I love and how it can instantly transform the most simple outfit into something special. I do sometimes mix gold and silver, but gold suits my skin tone and I feel feminine when I wear it.

What is your MVP - the jewellery piece you wear most often.

My Dior Oui ring that my partner bought for me in Paris after our engagement and I have some very special pieces that I have collected along my travels each time I visit Paris from LV, Celine and some artisan jewellers.

What was you first ‘special’ jewellery piece and do you still have it?

A gold ruby signet ring from when I was a toddler and my grandmothers diamond earrings that I was given as an engagement gift from my mother.

Do you prefer fine or statement jewellery?

Everyday I wear fine jewellery but I love a statement gold earring if I’m going out.

Any style rules when styling your jewellery?

Less is more! Choose one hero piece and keep the rest of your jewellery quite minimal.

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