How To: Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

It's finally Spring and we are looking forward to less layers and warmer days. Spring clean your style with these easy tips. 

How to clean out your closet or wardrobe TIP ONE

Work section by section. For example if you have a chest of drawers, a hanging cupboard or a shoe rack, start one by one. Take everything out so it's completely empty and ready to be neatly added to.


Create three piles. One is keep, one is maybe keep and one is toss. Don't give yourself too long to decide on each piece, your gut feeling is the way to go here and the maybe pile is a good way to double check.

With the maybe pile. Ask yourself some simple questions, have I worn this in the last 6-12months. Did I feel good wearing it? Is the quality of the piece still there? Would I buy this if it was in the shop today? Does it fit me well?


When you are putting pieces back, make sure you group them together. Jeans together, shirts hanging together, sneakers seperate to sandals ect. This is also a good time to make note of the pieces you tossed because of quality or fit reasons and if they are essentials replace them. Also identify any gaps in your wardrobe and work on filling them before your next clean out. 

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