How to Layer Your Clothes to Make Your Outfit More Interesting, Plus Keep You Warm!

The Art of Layering

There are lots of reasons why you should give the art of layering a go. You’re making the most of your wardrobe (wearing your summer clothes in winter), creating a more interesting outfit and with those extra layers your body will be warm and cozy.

Starting with a list of key pieces you’ll be reaching for, here are our essential pieces when playing the layering game.

  • Slim fitting long sleeve high neck top
  • White shirt
  • Lighter weight knit
  • Chunky knit
  • Blazer
  • Coat

Navy Blues

Choose Your Base

Our golden rule here is to be confident in your choice of base in case you find yourself needing to take away your outer layers. We’ve all been caught off guard in a change of temp and sweating it out because we’ve gone with something not so cute under our knitwear.

Playing with Proportions

Work out which item you want to be the looser layer. This could be a chunky knit, a coat, or even a looser wide leg pant. What we find works best is to go for a more slim fitting option elsewhere and let your chunkier, looser option play the hero.

Gone Beige

Keep your colour palette in mind

For us this one comes naturally, as we wear a minimal palette anyway, but with more layers added to your look you need to keep in mind that all the tones work with each other. Sticking to a 3 colour palette rule - where you’re not wearing more than 3 colours at any one time, or going for a tonal look, where you’re wearing layers of the same colour family i.e beige, works well when considering your outfit. 

Set and match

Matching sets make winter dressing a dream. We love this one by St Agni. Just throw a coat over the top and you’re ready to go.

To The Max

Maximise Your Wardrobe

Don’t put your favourite dresses into storage just yet. You can get the most out of your wardrobe by layering fitted long sleeve tops under your summer dresses, or pairing a chunkier knit over the top.

Texture play

When going tonal and layering with similar colours you can create further depth and interest by working with contrasting textures. A favourite combination is wearing chunky knits with a silk maxi dress or skirt.

Corporate Cool

Don’t forget your accessories

Add extra layers with the use of jewellery, scarves and belts, or tie a lightweight knit over your shoulders. They all work to create depth and interest to your look. But as always go with a less is more approach and keep the three colour rule in mind for a cohesive look. 

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