How to get your feet looking sandal season ready at home
with an official manicurist for CHANEL, Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is known as one of the leading premium beauty experts in Australia. The Jocelyn Petroni experience is like no other, specialising in treatments that combine classically proven methods with innovative techniques and a unique brand of holistic skin and nail artistry.

Jocelyn’s dedication to meticulous nails was recognised in 2015 when she was announced as the first official nail expert for Chanel Australia and her salon as the first official Chanel polish stockist in the world, outside of Chanel.

We spoke with Jocelyn to get her advice on how to nail a professional looking manicure and pedicure at home, and her top tips for healthy, natural nails. 

What are your essential tools and products for executing a professional looking manicure and pedicure at home?

A nail file allows you to shape finger and toe tips into the most flattering shape for you (which is key and something a professional would always do). A buffer is underrated too. They are so versatile because you can use them to tidy up the cuticle line, to exfoliate the surface dead skin cells (which stimulates regeneration) and generally (of course) smooth and shine the nail plate. And then I love an oil to nourish and hydrate. Massaging the oil in also stimulates the blood flow and it protects the nail from any damaging environment too. Any oil will do – even olive oil if it’s all you have handy. It’s so rich in fatty acids like oleic acid, and vitamin E, so it hydrates and heals.  

How often should we set aside time to look after our hands and feet?

For optimal nail health, fortnightly for hands, and every four weeks for feet. Toenails grow much more slowly than your fingernails. 

What key steps should we make sure not to skip? 

If you’re only going to do one thing, make it buffing. You need a great, gentle buffer though. Some professionals even use a buffer which is far too rough, and they buff too vigorously. But get it right – gentle and with a fine buffer – and it will be everything. Buffing gives a beautiful shiny finish that makes nails look radiant and glowing with health. You can also use your buffer to smooth the free edge of the nail, and to even out any ridges and bumps on the plate. 

What are your top tips for healthy nails?

Your nails really do show what is going on inside your body, so I think it’s important to focus on what you put in your mouth, as much as what you put onto your nails. Anything which hydrates the body will also hydrate the nail plate, so that means a diet that’s high in water. I also take collagen (I like Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen) which feeds and hydrates the nails so well. And for optimal nail health, keep them short and neat. 

We love a natural healthy bare nail, what are your tips to executing this look

Everything we do at Jocelyn Petroni is designed to maximise nail health, not just paint on a pretty polish colour, so all of the tips and products above will help create a beautiful, healthy bare nail. If you really need something intensive, we use a product during the Jocelyn Petroni Naked Manicure which is a liquid keratin treatment which repairs and strengthens the nail brilliantly – it’s a real miracle worker.

What are your favourite nude nail polish colours?

A great nude is the one which really matches your skin tone, not the one which matches everyone. It should complement and draw out the shades of your skin. So if your skin tone is peachy, then a peach-hued nude will suit you best. Saying that, I have a few which I always come back to. Ballerina and Organde, both by Chanel are gorgeous nudes, and I love Rose Shell by Mavala too. 

What are your favourite red nail polish colours? 

Chanel’s Emblematique is the most beautiful, deep red that looks good on absolutely anyone. It’s blue-based, classic and elegant. 

While we're currently unable to get into our favourite salon, Jocelyn Petroni have put together manicure kits retailing at $145, and a special The UNDONE Manicure Kit to execute the perfect undone natural nail, which includes:

  • CHANEL La Creme Main hand cream
  • CND Rescue RX Daily Keratin Treatment nail repair treatment
  • Professional Black Beauty Nail file 180 grit
  • Professional 220/280 smoothing nail buffer 

Get in touch with their team to order by emailing or calling 029363 3662

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