How to fall back in love with your winter wardrobe

Fall in love with your winter wardrobe

Ok, so we’ve reached the middle of winter and if you’re like us and would much rather be in a swimsuit and not much else, than bundled up in a gazillion layers, then you’re kinda over it. You’re over the cold, the rain, the lack of light and over your wardrobe options. With a couple of months of winter dressing still to go, how can we fall back in love with winter style, and more importantly, come up with fresh outfit ideas that are going to perk us up while we’re counting down the days until spring. 

Get re-inspired

If you have fallen into a bit of an outfit rut, and feel like you’re reaching for the same outfits each day, the first thing is to curate some outfit inspo. There is a lot to love about winter style and getting dressed in layers, we just need to put those references front of mind. Create a Pinterest board or a new saved folder in your IG dedicated to winter style you love, and curate some go-to outfit references to recreate.

We have a great one to get you started, follow us on Pinterest here

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Freshen up your wardrobe options

By now you might have a pile of winter favourites that need a little TLC. Put some time aside to wash your knitwear to bring them back into your rotation. Do that dry cleaning run you’ve been putting off and take those trousers to get the hem taken up. You’ll be adding back in a few pieces that will help you create fresh new outfit combinations.

How to look after your wardrobe items

Fill that gap

After a few months of dressing for the cold you might have realised there is a giant gap in your winter capsule. Perhaps it’s a layering top you desperately need or a pair of winter shoes that will help finish off that perfect look. Now is a great time to seek these items out as they have proven themselves to be something that will help you get dressed.

Looking for further inspo? Check out our Winter Capsule for our take on the essentials that will help get us through. 

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