Introducing two exclusive, collaboration designs from Australian jeweller Holly Ryan and The UNDONE. Available online now.

We sat down with the Australian jewellery to talk about the exclusive collaboration and all things 'Holly Ryan'. 

Holly Ryan Exclusive designs for The UNDONE

QUESTION ONE: What does quality mean to you?

I believe that quality construction and materials paired with considered design will result in timeless investment pieces. These principles are at the core of my brand which is why my team and I make my designs by hand in our Brisbane and Coolum Beach studios. 

Designer Holly Ryan in her studio, designing exclusive pieces for The UNDONE

QUESTION TWO: When designing a new piece where do you look to for inspiration?

Art and nature always. I visit galleries and new cities, I go bush walking, I swim in the ocean and I visit the library to pour through all of the arts and crafts books. There is a silent room which is actually a glass box protruding from the State library. It looks out over the Brisbane river and that is where I like to sit and draw. 

QUESTION THREE: How is your creative process different when collaborating with others?

The creative process stays the same but sampling becomes more important. I need to ensure that the piece is not just beautiful but also wearable. The key to finalising these collaboration designs was finding the right balance, scale and weight to the pieces so that they would be comfortable to wear but would also make a statement. I reduced the scale and weight 3 times before settling on the final designs. This meant that they were slightly smaller and finer than those in the original concept imagery created for me by The Undone.

Holly Ryan Exclusive Designs for The UNDONE

QUESTION FOUR: What are the most important things that your brand stands for?

Quality craftsmanship and thoughtful, considered design.

QUESTION FIVE: What do the two new styles represent to you?

They were inspired by two of my muses. American minimalist sculptor, Richard Serra and Mexican architect Luis Barragán. The designs represent my ongoing fascination with both architecture and the representation of the natural world in design. 

Holly Ryan Exclusive Designs at The UNDONE

QUESTION SIX:  Does your own personal style reflect the brands aesthetic?

Yes and no. I dress very simply in denim, tees, silk slip dresses and if I am feeling outrageous I will wear a suit or suit pants with heels at night or sneakers for day. In terms of minimalism and simplicity I embody the 'no fuss' attitude of my brand however my brand is way cooler and more put together than I am, my hair is always messy. 

QUESTION EIGHT: If you could describe the Holly Ryan woman in 5 words, what would they be?

Curious, determined, strong, (yet) vulnerable, intellectual. 

Holly Ryan Studio for The UNDONE

QUESTION NINE: What are you obsessing over right now?

Carving jewellery designs from wax by hand, my Robert Clergerie croc mules and two original artworks created for me personally by Christiane Spangsberg.


QUESTION TEN: What is coming up for the brand this year?

I have some incredible collaborations with people I admire greatly. Firstly this one with The Undone and another I am working on now with Christiane Spangsberg. I will be releasing my first mens range and I'm also planning a two month trip to Italy to study diamond setting in Florence. The skills I gain there will be a huge asset to the brand in terms of craftsmanship as well as design inspiration.Holly Ryan in Studio

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