Gold or silver? How to choose the right metal jewellery for you.

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Jewellery is one of the most personal and emotional keepsakes we wear, and there comes a time (for most) where we decide if we’re going to wear gold or silver jewellery. Yes there are a few of us that mix between the two and even wear both at the same time (controversial), but for the majority you’re either team gold or team silver. So how do you pick your team?

Skin tone seems to be the one of the key deciding factors when choosing between gold and silver jewellery, with cooler skin tones said to suit silver jewellery the best and warmer skin tones suit both silver and gold.

Sydney jewellery designer Holly Ryan suggests also thinking about your lifestyle when deciding on the jewellery metal you choose to wear.

“If you are a person who frequents the ocean and likes to wear their jewellery in the ocean then sterling silver is a great option for this, as long as you remember to clean your jewellery so it doesn't tarnish from the salt air. Alternatively, if you love gold and want to wear your jewellery every single day you might want to consider investing in one or two key pieces in solid gold, as this is the highest quality and will last the longest.”

In the end, it’s a personal choice and there really are no rules. We do however recommend giving your jewellery purchases some thought and building an essential jewellery collection just like you would a curated wardrobe.

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