Getting to Know The Women
Behind Linen Loungewear Label,
Deiji Studios

By: Sara Crampton


Getting to Know Deiji Studios

Deiji Studios are best known for creating easy to wear linen loungewear sets that take you from bed to beach to bar and everything in between. They've earned themselves a place as a core part of our wardrobes for good reason.

But not only are they creating thoughtful designs, Deiji Studios ensure they are creating with ethics and sustainability in mind. Their linen is 100% OEKO-TEX 100 certified and European Flax Certified, which means the fabrication is traceable from seed to dispatch to their retailers and free from harmful substances.

We wanted to get to know the women behind the label and our much loved linen. Based in the beautiful coastal town of Byron Bay, we spoke to Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson on what they were doing before Deiji, how they grow a brand with a conscious mindset, and why we should all be sleeping in linen. 

We would love to know more about you both, what were you both doing before creating Deiji Studios?

Emma: I had been living in Melbourne, working on other brands and freelancing at the same time. I moved up to Byron in 2015 and that’s where I met Juliette.

Juliette: I was raising my eldest daughter at the time and pregnant with my second living in sunny northern NSW.

Why is linen the ultimate choice for sleepwear?

Emma: Sleeping in linen feels like an extension of bedsheets to me.

Juliette: Feels like I am wearing my sheets ha! But also it feels very luxurious to me.

Deiji Studios is 5 years old this year, how do you approach growing as a brand with a slow, ethical and conscious mindset?

Emma: I think we always come back to our core values when making decisions and if anything, we are getting better with our sustainability practices as we scale. We are learning how much product to order without overstocking, we are finding innovative fabrications and constantly looking for ways to give back. Without a positive sense of purpose we wouldn’t have the motivation to keep growing and evolving as a brand.

Your 03 short linen sets have become a cult favourite, why do you think they have become such an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe?

Emma: I still can’t comprehend this, it’s very humbling to see people wearing them around and I have so much gratitude for all our customers. I guess it’s just the ease of dressing mindlessly and still looking considered?

Juliette: I believe in less is more when dressing not in the way of not wearing much, but keeping it simple. Our lives are really busy and to be able to throw something on that makes you feel and look good with not too much thought is maybe why people are drawn easily to the 03 set.

What are the 5 pieces in your wardrobe you wear most often?

Emma: It depends on the season, but at the moment its lounge trousers, tee’s, socks and sandals.

Juliette: The 01 set, cashmere knit, lounge trousers, MM6 tabi flats, and our new totem dress.

What are you listening to or reading at the moment?

Emma: I’m currently reading ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens.

Juliette: I love reading especially as the weather is getting colder, I can’t go past a cup of tea in bed with a good book, I just finished Kokomo by Victoria Hannan which I loved.

As business owners and mothers, what lessons have you learnt for managing the juggle that you would want to pass onto others going through similar situations?

Emma: I’m always learning, never quite feeling like I have achieved balance but I guess it always comes back to being grateful for the things we have instead of fixating on the things that aren’t working. For me being disorganised works, as it helps me stay open minded and in flow, but for many this would be terrible advice!

What’s on the horizon for Deiji Studios?

Emma: We are looking to expand into more recycled fabrications, and some more lifestyle products. Always with the same intentions of minimalism, social and environmental conscience.

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