Getting To Know Deiji Studios

Getting To Know Deiji Studios

Deiji Studios emerged from Byron Bay in 2016. Inspired by Japanese culture and a vision to craft high comfort, high quality linen lounge and sleepwear to support your best down-time yet. Each set is crafted and sourced from France and made from the natural fibres of the flax plant.

We spoke with the Deiji Studios founders, Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson about the importance of living in linen, bedtime rituals and humble beginnings.

Deiji Studio’s natural linen fibres are sourced in France and designed in Australia. Why did you decide to choose French linen?

We always wanted to work with French linen. You can see it has the loveliest imperfect texture and is the most beautiful fabric against the skin, also having one half of Deiji part French it just made sense. 

Why should women convert to sleeping, lounging and living in linen?

The fabric itself is hypoallergenic, highly breathable and environmentally friendly. Being able to sleep, lounge and live in linen brings a nostalgic feeling of home. We are at our most confident when dressed comfortably.

Getting to Know Deiji Studios

What are your favourite ways to wear your linen lounge and sleepwear pieces out of the house?

Deiji loungewear likes to be able to blend morning into night wherever you are. Summer time we like to throw the 03 set over our favourite bikinis to the beach, for the colder months the 01 set layered over our linen shirt and an oversized coat. We like to get creative with our sleepwear, always finding a new way to wear them.

Creating a brand around supporting a comfortable and restful sleep we’re guessing you’re lovers of a bedtime ritual. What are the things that you swear by to get a good nights rest?

We both find that clean sheets help us sleep better, so we try start with that, a good podcast for Emma, a Herbal tea for myself and an early bedtime.

Getting to Know Deiji Studios

Are you able to tell me how the brand came about and the relationship between the two of you? have you been friends for a long time etc.?

We started Deiji Studios almost 2 years ago in a small single garage with linen bedding, that organically turned into sleepwear/loungewear, we wanted to create slow fashion and simplify the way we dressed.

Emma and I became friends around the same time, we are such different people, yet we have really similar views on life. Our relationship is always open and honest we are both really appreciative of each other.

Getting to Know Deiji Studios

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